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  1. Photos of various events
  2. New York Volunteer Rangers is looking for good people willing to be active
  3. Spectre 6, Thank you for pointing out that the choice of weapon is mostly dependent on METT-TC. Makes all of this conversation kind of academic. Working METT-TC into our operational planning with NYVR for the past year. Clarifies things quite effectively!
  4. There is ALWAYS something to do. your unit needs to train monthly, rain or shine. It is important to bring unity to your unit to have something for everyone to do. Recommend you attempt to employ all members in a militia specific function within the unit. Be sure your unit has full support in Operations/Training, Logistics and Medical. These positions all are important and involve folks that not always feel they are needed but are in fact the backbone of a well rounded, operational unit.
  5. Keeping eyes peeled in NY. We have active ANTIFA in Syracuse and Albany. No word on arms or disposition. Last contact by NYM was largely peaceful. Advise all units acting as security to procure round polycarbonate riot shields to defend against projectiles and clubs used by Antifa in the past. These can be sourced through EBay for less than $40. Keep safe out there!
  6. FAL. Strong right arm of the free world.. I dont care for the full auto feature...
  7. New York Volunteer Rangers: Recruiting

  8. Hi there, Noticed you are in New York. the New York Volunteer Rangers are recruiting right now. looking to expand. If your interested, contact us under that name on FB. Thanks

  9. Mohawk Valley Company of Rangers (NY) Recruiting

  10. Greetings all, thought Id make an intro. Maj. Merritt from Central New York checking in! I command a Committee of Safety actively recruiting in the Central and Upstate NY area. We are the Mohawk Valley Company of Rangers. A Volunteer Ranger Company. We are Rangers in the original sense, in the spirit of Robert Roger's original ranger company. We are fighting woodsmen , Trackers, hunters, campers and backpackers who use our skills, with a healthy dose of basic soldiering, to attain whatever mission objective we are set to. We remain prepared to respond to, and defend our local area from, any disaster or threat that rears its ugly head. We are non political and welcome anyone willing to pack the gear and serve with us (barring legal disability). If you are in our general area, or near enough, feel free to contact us. We have been dedicated to our local defense, freedom and security since 2010 , not a Johnny-come-lately unit scared into existence by the SAFE act or some other issue. See you in the field!
  11. Depending on your location, Mohawk Valley Company of Rangers is looking for folks like you!
  12. we have a drill coming up beginning of september and a full muster in October
  13. Mohawk Valley company of Rangers is recruiting if you're interested!!

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