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  1. Shurrie would know because she is our "Radar" in the KAP trying to help people connect with some level of trust that she's not going to share your information without your permission. She's helped me connect with several folks. Things have been moving much more quickly over the past two months. Stay posted for updates on MM. Thanks for your committment to KS and the Constitution.
  2. Please join up with your local group so you're ready when the fight comes to KS. That's what we're doing in 785. Currently have a few counties organizing and meeting. I see you joined MM in March 2018, so I assume you have a well organized group and can assist other groups with forming and organization. Thanks for keeping the focus on the USA and the Constitution.
  3. John, it's not "some drama queen bullshit." Someone was disrespectful and used this platform to act inappropriately. Unfortunately, this had to be aired here, and has been dealt with. We cannot afford to lose someone as committed and organized as @ Shurrie . If you look back over the history of KAP and 785, you'll see she has been instrumental in getting many of us to stay the course and not, as you would say, "find a real group on here for America and for the Constitution." To suggest the members of this group are not in that group is quite insulting and disrespectful to the numerous verterans who are in the group, my group, and me. I agree with you @ John mcCall , we do not need any bullshit here!
  4. I’m having a beer with another patriot tonight to continue or planning and recruitment. @ Shurrie is right, we need to network with our neighbors while staying connected to the Kansas Militia. Thanks again Shurrie for all your hard work! USA!🇺🇸
  5. I've sent my info. Looking forward to connecting with the other patriots in KS!
  6. We had a productive meeting this evening with Riley and Geary represented. We’re on smooth trajectory, but still need patriots from every county in Kansas to from groups. Thanks for those that came this evening. We are tentatively meeting on the third Sunday of the month for regional meetings. The meeting location will rotate between active 785 group’ AOs that have attended another patriot group’s meeting and have been vetted by the 785. (This can be changed to maximize attendance or other logistical needs). Each county group is welcome to meet up with us to discuss organization and communications. The RCPs will be meeting weekly for the next couple weeks. We hope y’all are getting together regularly. If you’re ready to lead or join a group, then please let KAP or your area code group know so that we (all Kansans) can assist with connections and guidance if desired.
  7. I'm in Riley County. What counties are you in? This will help get you connect with someone IRL in your county, or at least close by. @ DYOUNG @ Gnevada
  8. I know there's a fellow in Linn county that's been active. I'm in Riley, so a bit far from you.
  9. Welcome to the site. What county are you in?
  10. All you need to do is study and take the test. The study for the Technician Class is the first level and can get what you need to study for free. Here's a website to a guy who's materials I've been studying for the past two days. I had purchased on by Gordon somebody, but I like this guys book better. Good luck! https://www.kb6nu.com/study-guides/
  11. I'm studying as we speak. I hope to pass the exam this Friday. I've communicated with a few folks and trying to connect with local hams so I can learn how and what to do. I'll keep y'all posted for sure.
  12. I still believe it would be good to start a regional communications group, and would be willing to participate. Riley County is here.
  13. There was an unofficial meeting of the RGP-CPM this past Sunday that was going to be four in attendance. Then I couldn’t go because of being on COVID-19 Quarantine. @ Toque182  was kind enough to organize and schedule the time and place. Unfortunately, no one showed, except @ Toque182 and me who wasn’t supposed to leave the house. This wasn’t necessarily our first meeting, but an “interested party” meeting and “let’s get organized.” Also we hadn’t met each other, and I look forward meeting y’all. 

    If you live in Riley, Geary or Pottawattomie Counties and you are interested in serving your community, then help us!


    Stay tuned for an announcement of the next gathering of patriot citizens. Thanks!

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