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    Marine Corps vet who served in Iraq. I severed under the Lion of Fallujah. I'm Pro 2ND Amendment and Pro Liberties. For Love of America there's nothing I would do.I'm a Freemason and we are also Pro American. /G\People sleep peaceably in their beds at
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  1. SgtHaan


  2. Building more AR's again

  3. Winter has finally hit us here in North Dakota

  4. This is the most important election we will ever face... Ensure that you vote for the rights of the people

    1. Redlegs


      I just saw this today. You were right.

  5. DDI AK74 with boyds Russian red furniture, alg ak trigger, definitive arms fighter brake, two bake lite mags, four plum tula mags, one circle 10 mag, and one crapco mag. Anyone have any trades???[GALLERY=media, 166]IMG_20160308_143658_1 by SgtHaan posted Jul 4, 2016 at 11:42 PM[/GALLERY]
  6. Been busy what's been going on? Nice to get away from society for a while

  7. God help this country

  8. http://drilltrainfire.com/bare-necessities-for-every-ar-15/

  9. SgtHaan

    My personal Load Out

    Is that some 7.62x39 I see " 210 rds 5.56"
  10. Make sure that you do not allow yourself to be a victim

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