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  1. Yes please. I want to join. Please contact me.
  2. I've never been a gun owner - but I believe in the individual - and the Bill of Rights. It should be our fourth branch of government - alas as history tells us, Federal Reserve, Activist Judiciaries, Government Surveillance, etc etc - it's not. I want to join a militia and learn the ropes. I feel like many do on here (and throughout the country) that we are in deep trouble. You have to remember - there's always more to this - follow the money and you will understand who's truly behind this debacle we are experiencing. It's not POTUS - it's outside forces influencing inside forces - it's the very thing that befelled the Roman Empire in many ways. Unpayable public debt, interference from abroad in our elections, interference from abroad to coerce cooperation with Marxist regimes - there's so much happening - and I feel like we are behind the curve. I think it's time to step out and take it back - at the very least defend turf as if it's sacred ground. Maybe it starts at the monument level - we have to choose something to prove the point. Otherwise we will all just talk a great game - but to me playing the game is much louder and more effective than pure talk. Please contact me here for further correspondence and yes I am looking to join a militia. The time is now.
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