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  1. He is not just one man. For starters, if God be for you, who can ne against you? (Ex: Noah, Moses, Abraham, Daniel....) Second, he's got angels surrounding and protecting him plus men and women protecting him. Third, there's a plan aworking right now. You'll see. 😉
  2. Thank you for the welcome! (I thought I was posting to the 402 group only.😅 I saw no ladies on their roster.) BTW, I 💘 your quotes on your page!
  3. Hi y'all! Am I the only gal here? Boy, that's scary! Intro: Hubby and I are Boomers, and ready to defend this great nation from the liberal wannabe socialists. We're also ardent supporters of our President and are furious w/ what's happening to him in D.C I believe a really BIG plan is underway right now to fix the situation with JB, but in case plan A falls through, I want to be ready for plan whatever is next. Right up front I'll say neither of us is in great shape, but are working on it. Neither of us has military or police training. That being said, I have teaching and othe
  4. Amen. These morons in the media are just dying to set us up. WE set the time and place. Patience, my friends. We can always "fight", but we cannot take the fight back once it's started. I have really good info that something really BIG is in process right now, behind the curtain. Stand down - for now.
  5. Oh hell no! Just be patient, it's coming (the right time to do something). Says the most impatient person on this thread! 😆
  6. Let not your heart be troubled, dear Officer Tatum. Never, never, never give up. He knows what he's doing; God's got this. 😉

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