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  1. Hello JW...

    Thank you for joining the WV Three04. I have a thread for the county in which you live posted in the group's page. If you'll introduce yourself there and also keep an eye out for anyone else that may be close enough to you to form a unit, it's my hopes it'll happen soon. Our country sorely needs us all.

    Thank you VERY much for your time and passions. 

    Matt Thompson
    WV Three04 Oversight

  2. Do you believe - Communism has infiltrated America. Australia , Great Briton, and more free nations. The Chinese 🇨🇳🇨🇳 have had a plan and been in a so called soft war with us for almost two decades. A slow subtle expansion , secretive and sneaky. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳. Americans have been naive , Gullible, and some greedy $$$$$ ! they have hit most of our Ivy League universities, large corporations , even our government and military. These institutions are not all %100 in line with the CCP’s Direction but key people that can do their dirty work. All in the discuss of activist groups and nonprofit organizations and affiliations . *** I wish I didn’t have to get political *****but the democrat party is obviously corrupt doing the bidding of the communists and the deep state. The Deep state is real and has unbelievable power. The communication field - cell phones, internet, ect,,. is the worst, for they are in the billions $$$$ of dollars . (The 5 -G for the internet is the big elephant in the room). Their was a huge reason the Democrats were trying even harder to get the guns taken away before this CCP 🇨🇳 Virus hit. president Trump has hit them hard in many ways so that’s why your seeing the desperate attacks and screaming of left wing panic against our Nation.
  3. All need to start thinking about more prepping. This not just collecting bullets. You must be smart enough to think about

    long term food, medical supply’s, hygiene , fuel, tools, communications. I suggest viewing a couple of you tube channels like China uncensored, China in focus . We have already been under communist attack longer than most have an idea of.

    universities, businesses/ corporations and politicians have all been infiltrated . Youth has been indoctrinated and brain washed by Liberal and communist corrupt activists.  

  4. They need to CUT OFF their electricity and water to that area of the city. Block any supply’s from coming in. it won’t take long before the roaches start leaving.
  5. Joseywales

    Jonas Arnalt

  6. I think there are much more like minded patriots in this area than people realize. considering the National crises , I think this will grow much more and faster. militias are a much needed element for America. The police need more back up but we need to get educated with the laws. we want to be a attribute to law enforcement and not a hinderance .
  7. Hello, new here myself. I think this is becoming more important and a growing movement considering the anti police and communist movement that is actually global now and moving against capitalist nations. Nice to meet you, 304 here.
  8. A little ways away but reasonable distance. I’m new here just looking to connect with other American Patriots.
  9. Hello sailor, patriots need to connect, soldiers, sailors, marines , airmen and true Americans that love their country. 

  10. Hello, nice to meet you. Sure would be nice to connect to you.

    I'm new here, just looking into this, thinking theirs a need for patriots to connect.

  11. WELCOME to the network!  Check the state militia forums link on the landing page for your state, area code militia link  or tab and click on the Map tab to find people near you with which to connect. 




    What county in West Virginia do you reside?

    1. Joseywales


      Tucker , is a bit Leary of posting much information on here though.

      i don’t trust the internet much.

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