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  1. I feel a chat window would make it much easier and would promote open chatting.
  2.    So I hope everybody is stocked up on food, ammo and Gold/silver. Please don't wait for things to get any cheaper. If you have extra funds, turn them into sound money, food, supplies  or Bitcoin.

         These items will be at their all time highs soon and will be come unattainable to average folks.    Ammo will be much harder to find for training purposes very soon. Take a look online, try to find 9mm or 5.56, 20  to 50 round packs at .80 cents to $1.20 per round.   

         Silver is around $27.80, soon to be $28.00.  Gold $2050.00, Bitcoin $11,700. These  prices are representing the strength of our dollar in the world currency basket.   It will go higher. It will not be cheaper at any point in the near future. When you buy precious metals, you're not spending money, you're transferring fiat currency into a sound currency that has been around a lot longer than our country.  I truly believe our POTUS is letting this happen to collapse the Federal reserve, so that they can be audited and then disbanded( Stafford Act). It will be a turbulent time,but if your mind is prepared you will be able to weather the upcoming storm.

         Our POTUS can only be there during this transition if we the AMERICAN people and our MILITARY  stand behind him and listen to the clues of how this in going to go down.  He recently stated that the storm is right behind him now and He also stated that he will be there for us during these changes.  We have to remember, this is the People's country, therefore we are the solution, not the government.  

        Do not take this lightly. Ammo, food, even a toothbrush can become a form of a tradable commodity. 

        The violence we are currently seeing will continue to get worse. we are now 89 days from one of the most important elections in U.S history.

         The country will decide on that day to become subjects or remain citizens.  When DJT retains his office, The violence will only get worse. The strong hand of justice will be released, some will be shocked on what will need to done. This has happened before throughout world history  and of course history will repeat itself.   

        Please stay tight, arm up, store up and remain aware. 

             This fight is coming to all of our doorsteps.

         It will not be a spectator sport and will involve full-contact precipitation. 


  3. Howdy, I'm in the 440 by the lake. I'm currently wondering how many of us are ready for what may be coming to our towns or a town nearby. It seems that most of the local militias on this site only get sign-ups or new member sign-ins. In order to understand the possible threat, we all should be discussing together on what information we have individually. Also, how we feel about what we're seeing in the news, hearing on the streets and
  4.        Howdy and great day to all Patriots!


         A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  5. I'm here in Madison Twp. I'm hoping we're ready for what may be coming to our town...

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