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  1. Call to Action


    July 4th 2020 Cheyenne, Wyoming

     State Capital @ 10:00 a.m.

    (All Patriots Need to be @ their State Capital)



    ALL Oath Keepers, III%er’s, Militia’s, LEO’s, Military any/and ALL PATRIOTS OF THESE UNITED STATES!


    Now is the Time to Stand Up and Declare Enough is Enough of this Corrupt Evil Government who Lives off of Our Blood and Sacrifices.


    Read the Declaration of Independence 2020! We hold to the Original Constitution of The United States of America the way our forefathers had intended. The Original Bill of Rights!


    Enough of our Freedoms being taken away. If we continue to allow this Agenda of the Deep State to destroy Our Nation we will have Lost ALL!!!


    ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS who speak of needing to Stand Up Against the TRYANNY That is Enslaving America is Called To Action!


    Go to Your State Capital on July 4th 2020 and Read The Declaration of Independence 2020 to ANY and ALL who will listen.









    The Declaration of Independence 2020




    Ø     When in the course of Human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the realities prescribed for the masses, and to establish Truth where the tenets of honesty are missing, it becomes our duty to advance the movements of Truth and Liberty, to respect and enforce the Natural Rights of Man that the God of Nature hath bestowed upon us.


    Ø     Human history has shown that a people vulnerable to despotism suffer the most when the veil of secrecy is cast upon them, for it is this veil that hides the crimes and transgressions of the leadership to be carried out in the name of the people these guards are supposed to represent.


    Ø     The Declaration of Independence of the Original 13 colonies dictates that the most heinous of grievances be enumerated. We must declare our independence as we have been left to it without recourse or representation for some years.


    Ø     Let it be known the crimes of Federal, State, and Local Governments:


    Ø     The suspension of the Writ Habeas Corpus: Thus allowing that citizen and non-citizen alike be imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial, without the benefit of counsel, without benefit of examining evidence, and be subject to punishments cruel and unusual.


    Ø     Entangling the nation in foreign conflicts, and engaging in military action without declaration of war: By committing the Armed Forces of the United States, and the National Guard of the Several States to war without legal recourse, without evidence of clear and imminent threat, without clear strategy, and without the means of finance.


    Ø     The Creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Expansion of Power of the National Security Agency: The creation of institutions of espionage for the purpose of spying on the American people without Due Process of the Law.


    Ø     The Federal Reserve System: The creation of a central banking institution that has resulted in these United States being cast into the abyss of unsustainable and unpayable debt.


    Ø     The Federal Government has used the Interstate commerce clause of the US Constitution to restrict the regular flow of goods and services through regulation intended to single out smaller competition. Under this very modus operandi the Federal Government has also ceded National sovereignty to multinational-corporate interests including the international banking and energy industries.


    Ø     State and local governments have Arbitrarily, Unreasonably, and Oppressively shuttered businesses, locked down citizens in house arrest and have unlawfully/unconstitutionally dictated whose livelihoods are to be considered essential.


    Ø     State and local governments have Arbitrarily, Unreasonably, and Oppressively denied citizens of their right to gather in worship, peaceably assemble and to protest their grievances as mandated by the first amendment of the Bill Of Rights.


    Ø     Federal, State, and Local Governments have infringed, and continues to infringe on the Right of the People to keep and Bear Arms in attempts to disarm and subjugate the people.


    Ø     Federal, State, and Local Governments have knowingly and maliciously conspired with Mainstream Media/Ministry of Propaganda Networks to incite fear and hysteria into the American psyche. This propaganda has been utilized to decimate our Healthcare systems, our economic livelihoods and to deploy an open tracking and surveillance operation upon American citizens, without due process of law.


    Ø     Federal, State and Local Governments have targeted political dissidents and have publicly declared them terrorists for political purposes.


    Ø     Federal, State, and Local Governments have established a Tax Code System so pervasive and large that it has become, in practice, taxation without representation. Today it threatens to reduce OUR Republic to poverty.


    1. 20thRegiment


      Enough is enough people 🇺🇸

  2. I agree Louis, However, not one person from this "Other" Wyoming Tactical Militia has responded to my original question so I will presume that this "other" group is not active therefore I will go ahead as Acting Commander of Wyoming Tactical Militia to issue a "Call to Action" for this July 4th 2020. https://www.facebook.com/GhostRiders-Intel-105494897863892 No More Keyboard Warrior Shit...Now is the Time to Stand up for the Original Bill of Rights and United States Constitution...
  3. Ghosthopper


  4. May I respectfully ask when you started your Wyotac? I live in Wyoming and in 2017 I started up a "group", after carefully researching to see if any Militias were in Wy and after not having found any, I named mine Wyoming Tactical Militia. We are basically based out of Casper and Gillette. It was originally posted on FB and we had our patches made. Not much has been done with the group other than a few training meetings but we are still around and in comms with each other. Now is the time for all of us to be strong and stand together as Brother's, Sister's and fellow Patriots. However it seems we have a bit of a dilemma here Lol. Two separate groups with the same name. Any idea on how to resolve this would be appreciated. Thank you

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