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    We have created Roll Call threads in each state network the intent is for general banter for the state to take place in this thread as well as it to be used for connecting people. All the threads were created in Mid May 2016 , We locked all the threads in Mid Dec 2017 as we decided at that time that we would rather each member to create their own personal threads. At that time we added a feature to allow users to create new topics directly from the topic lists. This remained the way we conducted the network until we came across a random situation in which Potential member A visited and seen the last activity as 2 months old so he decided the state was inactive and did not post , then 2 days later Potential member B visited the same state network and seen no one had posted so he too felt it was inactive.. Once this was identified as what was happening in Mid March 2018 we immediately reopened and pinned all the Roll Call threads in each state network to the top. It was a learning experience, the good thing is we identified a way we could serve the members better and was willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen. Today these threads are the most active threads on the site and we are perfectly OK with that. ;) 

    Excerpt from thread: This thread is for people actively searching for a Militia to join. It is also a helpful place for Militias to find individuals wanting to actively train. Post your location and a bit about yourself. Even if you can't run in field OPs you may be useful in other areas.

    We very much so encourage you to post in your state RIGHT NOW, even if its just "I'm here" it's something!

My Militia site is designed to facilitate an ever growing network of american patriots, those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion understand the risks that come with conversing on popular social media platforms. We oversee a significant share of public thought relating to militias to thousands of individuals everyday, This is a lot of responsibility... to remain the most trusted platform where militia ideas and information are exchanged, We proudly proclaim as the de facto authority in everything relating to militias, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and units who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to our platform. That this mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. As a voluntary user of and contributor to My Militia, such responsibilities will never be betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of yourself or our community. Common decency demands that we remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people, and for these reasons we will never stand alone and hereby decree that for as long as we stand, so will our site, and if we shall fall, the last of us will purge it from existence.
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