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Found 22 results

  1. fixer submitted a new link: INDIANA CITIZENS VOLUNTEER MILITIA Our purpose for forming the Militia Is to ensure preparedness should we be forced to take up arms in Defense of our God -given Rights and Liberties, our Republic, our State, and our Constitution(s) or to Deter those, both foreign and domestic, who would abrogate them.
  2. check out our channel and get some like minded people motivatmotivated.
  3. until
    America is united under President Trump and we are Making America Great Again thru our choices. However, the time has come for the people to act. As Trump has stated, America is a nation of laws. Law was the bedrock fundamental of our nation and the Constitution a miracle in it's own right. In the last four years, we have witnessed the truth, watched in horror as we see the Federal Government has been compromised to such extremes that it is paralyzed from within. We have watched testimony and witnessed as people came forward and more are coming that in 2016 the leaders, who have sold us out to china, exported our jobs, miscalculated and Donald Trump, a man of courage, not perfect but courageous stood up and got in the gap between them and us. These people redoubled their effort and in 2018 they didn't miss a step. Governor races were overturned thru election theft, House Seats stolen and now, Judges paid off to block his every move and keep the border open. Orders to those administrating the release of those that cross our border to give preference to criminals, violent offenders, those with mumps, measles, and various plagues transported and released into our general population by preference. A paramilitary force in our boundaries appearing, throwing acid on Christians, Conservatives, Trump Supporters, wearing uniforms, utilizing combat tactics. Where are the police? Where are the indictments? Where is the money coming from? Various leaders praising this force for their actions stating "It may be illegal but it is moral." The major question on peoples minds is, how do we stop this? What is the red line when we must act? How do we get our laws and systems operating again and ensure our election integrity? Join us as we delve into the legal issues with various legal experts, combat veterans, and define the red line. We will make the case that our basic documents make it clear, the people are responsible for change, not the government. We will define the red line as election theft in mass, taking the right of the people to choose who governs and therefor our laws can no longer be guaranteed as the authentic will of the people. The case will be made and evidence submitted that when election theft in mass occurred, this was the installation of a fiat government over the elected government which is a declaration of war, and constitutes treason. As we ask the question, "Why have those un-elected, and those that have violated their oath by inciting civil violence not been removed?" The goal is to come together in agreement that it is time for the people to act and that the government has been operating to wrap up any and all action to stop it and that in one voice we must agree to ACT. Join us as we delve into the Supreme Court, the men who worked together to create the compromise and mute our system of laws, our defenses with unconstitutional rulings, levying unjust burdens, and creating a system of oppression and lawlessness, and make the case that the defense of the people was never intended to be activated by a President who is government but by the people of the state to which a Militia belongs and begin to agree to organize our Militias with a plan and in unification, under one flag, in complete agreement release the fear and be willing to pay whatever price to win our nation back and begin healing the mental illness that is plaguing so many and remove the bonds of fear. For many years, Americans have talked, but there has been no action because we understand, we may pay with our homes, jobs, house, car, luxuries, and even our lives but when we come together and we pay those prices together it becomes a burden we share and fear is turned to courage in numbers, the talking stops and action begins. We will gain majority consent thru signatures to activate the state militia and present the plan to shut down the border and take the option out of the government's hands. It is the people that make this choice and at the end of this convention, no longer will we be divided, silenced, just typing our opinions on social media, or talking to our graves, we will be unified as Americans, brothers and sisters, who bleed red, and who's heart beats for true freedom. As we see the masses in agreement and sign together, no longer will it be one person alone, speaking in the halls of the divided, but one chorus and one voice, acting to hold our government accountable and we will break this divide and Conquer strategy that has been employed and put fear in the heart of the enemy in our gates. Do you have the Courage to ACT? Change comes when we ACT together. A website will be put up in the near future and donations taken for the event. A location will be decided and is pending in Austin. Begin talking and spreading the word. All Militias and all the people of the great state of Texas are invited and encouraged to come. As always I expect Texas to be the first, the lone star in our country, to set the stage for the second greatest change in our nations history and shine thru as a example to the world of our love and willingness to fight for our freedom and lay down our lives to keep it.
  4. This we must ask ourselves. Are you willing to make it known on your social media? Will you go out to recruit? Are you willing to stand up proudly and show your neighbors what stance you take in protecting the constitution? Are you just a mere keyboard warrior?
  6. United States Marine with 0311 and 0211 experience, as well as being a former Private Military Contractor paid member of The Oath Keepers, and a III Percenter. Looking for well organised militia in the Puget Sound Area that may be looking for a Counterintelligence/Intelligence Officer.
  7. This is the official website of Black Horse Militia III% - Washington State.
  8. The development West Virginia Special Response Force (W.V.S.R.F.) is now in full swing. Due to the real life possibility of natural disasters, man made catastrophes and the general political atmosphere threatening our traditional American way of life. It has become necessity to band together to develop patriotic mutual assistance groups, across our state and great nation to benefit our fellow man. It is time to answer the call of duty and stand for your beliefs. W.V.S.R.F. is requesting the following: - Land Sponsors for training purposes. - Training Instructors. - Men and Women with military and first responder backgrounds. - General Volunteers. Benefits of joining the W.V.S.R.F. You learn how to navigate Medical Training Gun training Tactics Communication on via radios Survival Techniques Knife Training Riot Control AND MORE! If interested please PM W.V.S.R.F at: - Facebook Link- https://www.facebook.com/WVSRF/?ref=settings - Email Link- westvirginiasrf@gmail.com - Phone Number- 304-376-3185
  9. 'Looking for fellow patriots from these towns to connect with in case SHTF: (NY) Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jeff Station.
  10. I am Howard Blair, Pompano Beach area. Although I am 70, I can still shoot.
  11. A message to all Militia groups in United States and the world by UNSC'S Founder. The article contains that said message. Moderator Edit: Correct link to article thanks to research by Skillet: https://medium.com/@cassandrasaturn/united-nations-space-commands-founder-message-to-all-militia-groups-of-united-states-and-beyond-573ef54e4888
  12. Greetings fellow men and women of the United States Militia community. I am a Specialist with the Pennsylvania Citizen Militia, Westmoreland County Special Response Team. I am on an outreach campaign assigned to establish contact with other local and state level organizations. This includes states local to Pennsylvania as well such as; Ohio, New York, and New Jersey. I so far have failed to make contact with the Pennsylvania State Militia or "PSM". We simply wish to open a network of communication to help us better serve our Country, State, and Community. Thank you everyone for your time. - Anyone interested in joining the PCM/WM/SRT in our area (within 20 miles) please contact us on this thread or email our recruitment staff [KiloGolfRecruiting@outlook.com]. "Auribus Teneo Lupum" S4 Kerchner, PCM/WM/SRT
  13. Actively training group looking for like individuals who want to make a difference in it your children's future, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.
  14. Serving the Texas Panhandle area in conjunction with the other Texas and AP III% units.
  15. Hello all. I am LetFreedomRing of the Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia. I had to add the underscores to my call sign on here, because apparently someone already had the call sign I use on this site. I am the current ranking leader in the 79th regiment of the ICVM which includes the citizens who are residents of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. http://www.mymilitia.com/groups/indiana-citizens-volunteer-militia.108/
  16. Im called Chops, recently started a Militia in the Northern Kentucky area. Im 36 years old. Im laid back when the conditions are right. serious when the time calls for it. Im recently looking for members to join us and help get this Militia up and running. War is upon us. Who is a true Patriot??
  17. I would like to bring to your attention a small pet peeve of mine. The ranks people claim in the militia. To understand my perspective on this, I will give you a little bit of my background. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army. I served 6 years and did three combat tours in Iraq as a forward observer (13F). Both active duty and in the National Guard, but enough about that. Now the rank structure of the militias seems to follow the same basic structure of the Army. Makes sense, however this is being absurdly taking advantage of by a few. And those few are making a laughing stock of the rest of us. I have certainly spent much time shaking my head wondering “WTF?” For those of you who have never spent time in the Army, let me help you understand where I am coming from. In the Army’s Infantry (which is the closest unit from which the militia bases itself) a Captain is basically the lowest commanding rank in a position of command and will take charge of a company. He will have a few lieutenants to run his platoons, but the guy in charge is a captain. He will have roughly a 160 or so men under his command. Usually three platoons of 40 men each and then a Headquarters Platoon filled with support personnel. Rank of Major is usually not a rank of command, they are the lowest “field grade” officer and usually just support their Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). The Lieutenant Colonel is in charge of a battalion, upwards of seven companies and total of somewhere between 1200 to 1500 combat-ready men and women. The next rank up is a ‘full bird’ Colonel, he is in charge of the brigade consisting of 4 to 7 battalions and is in charge of upward to 5000 to 8000 men and women. Next comes the Generals and the amount of men under their command is ridiculously high. Now back to the militia. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen some wannabe claim the rank of LTC and have 30 or so personnel show up to training. Are you kidding me? You don’t even have a platoon and most of those 30 are not even close to be physically fit enough to survive a standard PT test, let alone pass one. I am not ragging on the members, everyone who wants to train, should. But the self-glorifying rank system some of these people give themselves borders on delusional. I once went to a Summer FTX with several local militias a few years back. Good turnout. Around a 130 participants including women and children. The guy in charge called himself a Brigade Commander and claimed the rank LTC. I would guess there were about 30 to 35 people there actually in good enough physical condition and had enough basic knowledge to actually go out on a real mission. Yet, the leader was a “Lieutenant Colonel”. Even more hilarious is my time on Facebook. I have no idea how many “State Commanders” I have met online. They are often Colonels or Generals. They just randomly claim to be in charge of all the militia in their state, but invariably I can usually find several militias in their states that don’t recognize him. Yet, they call themselves state commanders and colonels. This is nothing short of lunacy. The worst offender of this I ever came across was a guy that claimed to be the Commander of the Militia of the Several States. Yes, according to him and few of his friends he was the ultimate guy in charge of all the militias. Apparently, there was a group that called themselves the Third Continental Congress filled with self-appointed delegates. They decided they were in charge of their new defacto government and appointed this “General” to take charge of all militias. This Third Continental Congress fell apart and no longer exists, but this guy still claims this rank and position, all while trying to rebuild his glory by forming a Forth Continental Congress. At the time of meeting this guy online, I was still pretty new to the militia and I am looking at this guy like “WTF?” This “General” is literally homeless asking people if he can park his trailer on their property, because he got kicked of the land of last guy he was got into a fight with. He had no control over his own life and now I am told this guy is in control of all militias. What a joke. And don’t even get me started on the Ranger beret he wore. Here is my point. Just be real. Don’t be a freaking wannabe. If you are in charge of a small company of patriots, 8 to 20 or so, the rank of captain is cool. It’s the lowest commanding rank, so the unit number is not that important. But if you are running around with a rank of LTC, stop it. You are not. Unless you actually have a 1,000 men showing up to your training. I mean real people showing up to do real training, not a 1000 friends in your Facebook group. People who have never spent time in the military probably don’t care. But to many veterans it does, because those ranks mean something to us. It’s a big turnoff. And if you are a veteran doing this, slap yourself. I would even go as far as saying if you are in a unit with someone claiming some ridiculously high rank that claims to be a veteran. Then check him out, he may possibly be a Stolen Valor asshat.
  18. We are a small band of like minded brother that have come togerther to offer mutual aid and comfort. We like our forefathers stand at the ready to defend our state, county, town. We have at one time taken an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies be they from some other country or from with in.
  19. American Militia Association http://AmericanMilitiaAssociation.com The American Militia Association is a 501©(3) organization with a mission of arming and training the militia. It is an educational and charitable organization supporting patriotic groups, militia groups, veterans organizations, auxiliary police forces, volunteer fire departments, first responders and individuals in obtaining training, certification and legal authority to assist local political jurisdictions and communities across the nation in order to alleviate the burden of government for the enforcement of Constitutional laws, emergency response, homeland security, and defense from foreign and domestic threats.
  20. Some are asking the age old question of "when do we decide to band together, take a stand, resist a corrupt government and finally fight". Let me give some history on those subjects. I added some words in places to show our current situation compared to times past. America and The English: The United States of America is a free independent country (States) now. Before 1776, America was not an independent country. It was a group of colonies.(now STATES) England (Now our Corrupt American Government) controlled these colonies.(States) Many American Colonists (Patriots) did not want to be controlled by the British (U.S) government anymore. The founders decided they could not and would not be controlled by a Government that wanted to control everything in their daily lives and high taxes. Our founders decided to resist, I.e the tea party action. Then our founding fathers began organizing and preparing to fight. The fight was hard, outnumbered and out gunned. Still the Patriots we now know as our founding fathers prevailed and won our independence, for themselves, and our families today. Reason #2.. When Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. Southerners thought the government was becoming too strong. They did not think the government had the right to tell them how they should live. Southerners felt if they stayed in the United States, the North would control them. Some southern states decided they had no choice. They decided to secede, or leave, the United States. South Carolina was the first to leave the Union and form a new nation called the Confederate States of America. Four months later, six other states seceded. They were Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana. Later Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee joined them. The people of these states elected Jefferson Davis as president of the Confederacy. The northern states were called the Union. President Lincoln said he would fight to keep the southern states as part of the United States. There were Union forts on Confederate land. The Confederates wanted Union soldiers to leave these forts. In Charleston, South Carolina there was a Union fort called Fort Sumter. The Union soldiers refused to leave this fort, so the Confederates fired cannons at the fort on April 12, l861. This was the beginning of the Civil War. Once again, the ultimate reason for these wars was because of the Governments tyrannical efforts to fully control the people and force the people and sovereign States to bow down to its wishes, either by force or any other means necessary. Wether you agree with the English, Americans, patriots, or confederates, the wars were necessary to stop the Government from controlling the people like ants under their feet. Opinion: I believe that history not only our history but history throughout time for thousands of years, from the time of Athens, and Sparta against the Persians, the crusaders against the Arabs, the American Indians against the US Army, there is a time to resist and fight. Are we free anymore? Have we become slaves to society, to be walked on by a Government that only looks at you in disgust because your below them. Have we become only to passive or scared to resist because we would rather accept their laws and rules, rather than fight them, because we have a job, some money, a new car, and a wife and kids, that you don't want to upset your life, you will just accept what ever happens. Or are we descendants of our forefathers, who will kiss our children by, tell your wife you hope to see her as soon as you can, and go to the fight so that your children will be free to live, to peruse life liberty and happiness as our great constitution declared for all of us. Will your children be slaves to be trampled on, or free men and women, who tell their children stories of the great warriors, who stood up against the evil government, and won the war, so that all people, will never have to live scared, or fearful, again. That all men and women will forever be free and equal. Where do you Stand?

Follow: @My_Militia

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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