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  1. This is a call to all American citizens who oppose tyranny, oppression, and the corruption of our government and our society by the influence of traitorous elements within (lobbyists, MSM, etc.), to join us in our fight to preserve our freedoms and the American way of life. We are not a leftist or right wing organization. We stand against those who seek to undermine and destroy the nation our founding fathers fought so hard and sacrificed for. Today we find ourselves in a similar situation to the American colonies of 1765. And we are faced with the question, Do we just wait and let the chips fall where they may, and risk allowing the sacrifice of our founding fathers be in vain, martial law (etc?) Or should we take action to liberate ourselves from tyranny, once again? Protests and petitions have proven ineffective, and capitulation is not the answer. At this point it should be obvious to all, the government of the United States does not serve the interest of the American people and seeks to destroy us. The American people's (or Russia's) "selected officials" operate only in the pursuit of a "new world order" and pander to the corporate agendas of "elites". We the People cannot continue to sit by and allow this. It's high time we stand up and take our country back The American Way. Free thought is a lie and our leaders have failed us our freedoms with die with kings who betray us. From a false leaders eyes will gush the birth of a new hierarchy, a new standard stripped of corruption This is not a secure server therefore we cannot disclose more than about 30% of the information here, we do not disclose any info from our people unlike the USA. to join us or ask questions, contact us via secure email at theamericanway@ protonmail.com Bitcoin is a 100% safe, secure anonymous currency transfer made by picking up a prepaid card putting money on it, going online and buying Bitcoin and transferring it into a Bitcoin wallet. To spend this you would send however much Bitcoin you would like to another Bitcoin address. If you would like to contribute or donate to our cause anonymously, send Bitcoin to the following bitcoin address (We are NOT a scam.) 15Tzcz7fUa9oK1rwWEZE4zmz7dNQWxFVAt

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