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Found 2 results

  1. this is a moral question for every time, which one will be the perfect person for entering White House? Trump or Clinton? many many confusion in the people minds but I saw something that I wanna share with you guys, I simply avoid Trump as he have nothing but some waste inside hs brain. You can search it, I am 100% sure you can't find anything else. He can tell lie one after one and have not own a single structure of common scene. On the other hand Clinton is well experienced and stable person for being the president and i think she is te perfect person to be and ideal American President. America is not for some special kind of people it's for everyone. Humanity is badly needed to be such great honor which I never find in Trump Behavior. he is 755 crazy and American will be clear about his ability if they elected him for the President. Wishing you don't make a single mistake.
  2. http://constitution.com/trump-promises-gun-free-zones-video/ At the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention on Friday, Donald Trump said that “we’re getting rid of gun-free zones.” The NRA made headlines when they publicly endorsed GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump for president. At the convention where the NRA’s Chris Cox announced the endorsement, Donald Trump attacked “crooked Hillary Clinton” for being anti-gun, and said that if she were president, she would want to “abolish the Second Amendment” and “take your guns away.” He cited the mass murders in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France as examples of what gun-free zones are capable of and pointed out that the carnage could have been avoided or greatly reduced had the victims been armed. Here’s what he had to say: “So often we talk about Paris or we talk about San Bernardino, and nobody had guns. You know, Paris is probably – in the world – the toughest place to have a gun. The toughest. France, generally, but Paris, in particular. And when these thugs walked in, thugs –” At this point, Trump added an aside about how the media referred to these terrorists as ‘masterminds’: “– You know, the press used to call them ‘masterminds’ – right, the ‘masterminds’…I said, ‘That’s why people are joining. That’s why they’re coming in, because you’re using the word mastermind.’ Not mastermind – thugs. In fact, I call him the guy with the dirty cap. Remember the white cap, and it was filthy dirty? This was the mastermind. And actually, the press has stopped using the term. They’re very dishonest people – some of the most dishonest I’ve ever met – but they actually stopped using the term mastermind. Because they use that term, and they wonder why our youth is going and fighting for ISIS – and they don’t even know what they’re fighting for. But I think it’s getting a lot better from that standpoint.” He then continued about the Paris attacks: “But if you look at Paris – 130 people killed, hundreds of people still in the hospital, just horribly wounded, can never be the same, horribly wounded, and these guys came in ‘boom, boom, you over here, boom,’ and they just stood there and just shot everybody. No guns on the other side, folks. “If you would have had guns on the other side, if I took a couple of these folks, some especially wearing the red caps – ‘Make America Great Again’ – I promise, there wouldn’t have been 130 people killed and hundreds of people lying in the hospital to this day, it might not have happened, because if they knew there were guns in the room, it might not have happened, but if it did, you would have had bullets going in the opposite direction, and believe me, the carnage would not have been the same by any stretch of the imagination…. If we had guns on the other side, it wouldn’t have been that way. “And then you have the gun-free zones, the gun-free zones. We had a case – about a year and a half ago was the first I really heard of this, and where you had the five military people – great people. One was a master marksman, a master with anything he touched having to do with guns, weapons – anything he touched. And they were told – this is on a military base, folks, a military base – they were told, ‘put your guns away, gotta put your guns.’ These are soldiers. These are people that are representing us. These are the top of the line. These are five great, brave, incredible soldiers. ‘Put your guns away.’ So their guns are locked up, put in a different area of the place, and this whack job walks in and starts shooting them, killed all five of them. “Gun-free zones – we’re getting rid of gun-free zones, okay, I can tell you.”