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Layered home defense planning

Discussion in 'Tactical - Operations, Methods & Maneuvers' started by Will333, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. Will333

    Will333 Sympathizer

    Jul 4, 2016


    Your home is your castle, right?

    And the whole purpose of the castle wasn’t just to provide the king and queen a home… but to also make it a stronghold that could withstand an attack by an enemy and keep them safe!

    Will YOUR “castle” keep out the enemy?

    Especially when it’s a couple of violent home invaders intent on busting through your defenses and terrorizing you and your family?

    Well in this week’s podcast episode, I’ll show you how to “layer” your defenses for the ultimate home protection plan – even if you live in an apartment – that allows you to own your battlefield and defeat any infiltrator!"