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10 hours ago, Ripcannon said:

Well a few major player s have are helping we got the time 10 am till 4pm are you eagle's nest still doing the web page and do you have a group?

Not sure what your message is saying Rip.  Haven't had time to setup the webpage, no, I have no group.  I am a lone wolf here, looking to join a group that already exists.  I am a 61 year old female, so I need a little help planning and knowing what to do from you younger guys.  I'm armed, and trained, and I am a Navy Veteran, and I will kick someones ass without question if they piss me off....so I've still got the fire, passion, and fight to keep this country safe.  I just need some direction on how to make all this come together Rip.  What exactly did you get from 10AM to 4PM? What is that?

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I figure that be a good set time for this militia March plus I kinda got put on the spot to come up with a time so it could be announced on my buddy platform.no worries about the group thing mass has a hell of a militia you just gotta find them lol.

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