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Bizarre Obama Meltdown As Speech Dissolves Into Stuttering: “President’s Programming...

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It appears that the president’s programming has broken down, as he was rendered unable to articulate the reasons that Donald Trump was such a dangerous candidate in the face of the “continued progress” that Hillary Clinton represents.


The campaign blunder left President Obama looking like a wind-up toy gone haywire, and stuck on stuttered speech mode apparently blistered by the power of the blinding cult of personality trailing behind Trump, whose celebrity shadows the reality TV president already occupying the Oval Office.


Check out this bewildering clip that proves something is going weird with the Prez in his final days in office:



This may well have been Obama’s most bizarre moment in public yet.


It seems that there was a teleprompter malfunction…


Or perhaps there is a grander truth about who this president really is, and how he was created for the part. Who knows?


The facade is starting to crack.


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