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what's shaking? (other than the entire world)

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I was invited into this site, and I thank the person that did the inviting. to my shame, I can't remember who it was. it is really quite embarrassing.

my name is jeff. I am in middle Tennessee. I am not affiliated with an organized group/militia, although I would like to be, if that is not possible I will just continue my information war until it is time to pick up my weapon. sadly, it looks like they don't intend to leave us any choice. but it is the last thing I want.

anyway, that is the short of it.

I have extensive knowledge of islam and how they operate and why. I a an eagle scout(I know, I know----that's child's play next to many of you, but I did learn some valuable skills there).

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welcome to the site, look around you will see you are amoung people who think the same way you do about things

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