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WikiLeaks chief warns Hillary a threat to 1st Amendment

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange



Electing Democrat Hillary Clinton to the presidency this year will lead to a “very harsh climate” for the press, where the “First Amendment will be very significantly eroded,” according to WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange.


His comments came this week in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.


“What kind of press climate is going to exist afterwards, especially if Hillary Clinton is elected?” he questioned. “It will be perceived to be a validation of that hysteria, and so the press afterwards will be cracked down upon and online publishers and people on social media, you know, it will lead to a very harsh climate where the First Amendment will be very significantly eroded.”


Hear the comments:



Assange was in the news regarding his views on Clinton just days earlier. It was when some comments he made about the Clinton campaign were interpreted by legacy media outlets to be defining Clinton as a “demon,” even though he didn’t.


Following an interview he granted to the New York Times, there were a number of headlines based on the interview and resulting story about alleged links to the Russian government, about how he called Hillary Clinton a “demon,” and more.


He immediately set the record straight, leveling a blast at both the Times and Clinton.


On Twitter, he posted, “What we were drawing attention [to] is the amazing transformation that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are by becoming the national security party and the national security candidate by whipping up a neo-McCarthyist hysteria about Russia.


It’s crazy Uncle Joe in his own words! New book has dozens of QR codes for an evening of laugh-out-loud gaffes — don’t miss “Biden Time”


“Any serious analyst understands that China and the U.S. are the only real games in town. China has ten times the population of Russia, seven times the GDP. Russia has the GDP of Italy. It’s interesting in that it makes provocative statements and so on. It’s interesting, and of course in its own neck of the woods – countries between Russia and China, the Caucasus and so on—of course Russia is very significant for them, but in the world stage Russia is a bit player.


“That attempted re-framing by Hillary Clinton to declare media organizations that are publishing material that shows illicit behavior in the DNC to fix the election for her as somehow us being Russian agents, similar criticism has emerged from people connected to her campaign against the Intercept, where Glenn Greenwald works,” he said.


“Her campaign has effectively, and maybe even directly, called Donald Trump, the opposition leader in this case, a Russian agent. … Jill Stein, the Greens Party candidate, effectively the 4th candidate in terms of numbers – has also been called a Russian agent,” he continued.


“This is a neo-McCarthyist hysteria. What kind of press environment is this going to lead to, post-election? The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that’s going [to] put nooses around everyone’s necks when she wins the election which she is almost certainly going to do.”


What do YOU think? What do you think Assange has on Hillary? Sound off in today’s WND poll.


Now on Hannity’s show, he has continued the conversation, sharing that Clinton and her campaign are “trying to whip up a neo-McCarthyist hysteria.”


He explained, “The Democrats are always speaking about how terrible McCarthyism was, and it was in many ways. But at least the USSR actually existed then and there were actually Russian-influence campaigns which were serious. What we’re seeing now is Hillary Clinton and her campaign trying to whip up a neo-McCarthyist hysteria.”


He said she charges that anyone critical of her, or in opposition to her, is in league with Russia.


“She claims Donald Trump is effectively an agent of the Russians. That WikiLeaks is an agent of the Russians. And where her campaign has also implied that Jill Stein, the Greens’ leader, is a Russian agent. And the Intercept, which is an American publication, are effectively Russian agents.”


He then explained that the end goal for the campaign is to chill free speech to protect her during a presidential term.


WND reported earlier that WikiLeaks already has assumed a co-equal role in America’s 2016 election to many of those players who consider themselves significant, the network, daily and station editorialists and more.


It has released Democratic Party emails, resulting in the resignation of top party officials. It has publicly promised that those who supply insider information probably will be happy with the results, and it has made no secret of the fact that Americans likely will be getting access to a lot more heretofore “secret” details before the November election.


Earlier, he ridiculed the claims that DNC documents leaked were provided by Russian agents.


There was “no evidence” of that, he said.


It’s crazy Uncle Joe in his own words! New book has dozens of QR codes for an evening of laugh-out-loud gaffes — don’t miss “Biden Time”


Assange also has revealed that his group will release “significant” information about Clinton before the Nov. 8 election yet.


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