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The ultimate reason why you should prep

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Hillary Clinton



Why we prep


Here’s another reason why you – and your friends and family – should prep:



As of today, the election of the next president of the United States officially occurs in 22 days. But a growing number of folks think that for all intents, it’s already occurred.


If they’re right, then Hillary Clinton will be the next president.


And that’s one of the reasons we prep.


The mailbox




Last week’s column generated a hodge-podge of comments. One of my personal favorites from “Joe” read in part:


“… If you really want to prep for disaster, ignore this bozo, and stock up on things that will actually be valuable, like canned food, water, antibiotics and other first aid items, flashlights and batteries, ammunition, and toilet paper.”


Hey, Joe … you might want to try reading the entire column, or at least consider skimming ahead to the last paragraph. And try reviewing the totality of my last 30+ columns. That “bozo” said what you said … but said it first (and better).


Also, here’s a touch of reality for those who objected to advertising on WND and who wrote things like:


“Pay for play … eh WND? You must be making a tidy sum for this ‘turbo charged’ advertisement.”




“As if this website doesn’t have enough advertisements, now they are putting them in the middle of the comment section.”


Now, assuming these folks aren’t just trolls, they might have noticed they don’t have to pay anything to read WND – where they get news and information they can’t get anywhere in the mainstream media.


Obviously the people making these complaints don’t expect any payment from their employers. But – and I know it’s shameful – the employees and vendors and service techs who work with and for WND are so selfish that they insist upon receiving a paycheck, which they can then fritter away on selfish pursuits like eating or paying their rent or putting gas in their cars. You’d think they’d simply follow the complainer’s stellar example and live in their mommy’s basement and let her feed and clothe them … and work for free.


Running an operation like WND, which tries to speak truth to power, isn’t cheap. And so far as I’m aware, WND’s daily readers (and commenters like the ones above) don’t pay a penny for the service.


And by the way, I don’t get paid by WND. I’m only here because the more folks I can convince to prep, the less folks I’m going to have to support when the balloon goes up.


So if the advertising you are forced to scroll past annoys you … well, consider it a cheap subscription fee.


(Oh, and Frankie … I’m 59 and I work on my ranch every day. Yipee-yi-o-kayay!!)



Last week, one thoughtful commenter wrote the following on the subject of precious metals as prepper investments:


“I would be interested in a percentage figure. What percent of your savings (wealthy or poor) do you feel should be held in physical precious metals, gold and/or silver? This assumes that the individual/couple has already reduced debt, procured food, water, adequate protection and supplies.”


Good question, and in the right order of things. As I said in my last column, when the time comes that gold and silver are not simply a wise investment but become a principle means of trade, then we will already be well into societal breakdown. And before we reach the point where I can buy Frankie lunch with a pre-1964 quarter, I want to be ready to feed, clothe and defend myself, my family and my community.


Is prepping the right thing for to do for Christians? Or should we just be trusting in the Lord? Learn about that balance in “Be Thou Prepared” by Carl Gallups – “Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.”


But even if I don’t live to see the day when precious metals become a common currency (again), history shows that day will come. So, that being the case, just how much of your “investment” in prepping should be in precious metals?




Well, the advertisers for online gold and silver always say, “A portion of your investment strategy …” and then usually add “five to 10 percent” into the verbal mix. Personally, I have no problem with those percentages. My only difference with the main street investment types is they eschew beans for bonds and livestock for paper stock in the rest of their investment strategy. As a recent column shows, my prepping “investments” have beat the market every time.


But one of the good things about buying a precious metal like silver is, unlike getting a paper share of Apple stock ($117 as of today), you can buy silver any time. You get buy it by the ounce, or even less, if you buy smaller weights or junk silver … and it costs a whole lot less than that slice of Apple stock.


So the next time you’re out buying a few sacks of rice or beans, throw your pot-metal modern U.S. currency at some silver before you come home.


And speaking of home, what do you do with all that metallic wealth? Well, you could put it into a safe deposit box at your bank … except, of course, that means you’ve handed over effective ownership of that gold and silver to the bank, or whoever can cause the bank to open your box.


Take a look at this website entitled “The truth about safe deposit boxes for silver and gold.” It’s a funny read because it starts off stating, “Yes, they are safe!” However, if you read all the way to the end (hint!), the thought of storing anything of value in one of those government holding units should make you nauseous.


Check out some options in the WND Superstore preparedness department. New products of all kinds being added regularly for all your prepper needs – from informational books, movies to shovels, water purifiers, and food from soup to nuts!


So where do you keep your portable wealth? Well, the first thing to remember is there’s no such thing as a new hiding place. Want to stick some coinage in a wall or a door? It’s been done. Hide some gold in the freezer? Crooks look there first. In the pocket of clothing in the closet? Please.


In point of fact, hiding valuables in a defined volume of space only works when the searcher is constrained by a time limit. So while it’s possible for you to keep your valuables away from a burglar who only has minutes to search, a more organized criminal unit, say one with a piece of paper giving them the “right” to demolish your house and to take all the time necessary to do so, won’t be frustrated forever.


So next week we’ll look at ways to secure your valuables: gold, silver, ammunition, guns, etc. from grasping fingers and prying eyes.


But until then, save your nickels, organize your pantries and work on getting prepared.



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