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Career Advice for Getting Started in Financial Markets (Video)

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By EconMatters





We delve into the career path for a Financial Market Participant, provide some basic career advice for learning Financial Markets, and discuss some of the financial education scams in this video. I apologize in the cases I was rude in this video in advance, but I don`t discuss specific strategies that I may take in my financial activities in the market.


I provide enough clues as it is in my videos for those that can read between the lines, but never provide anything that is proprietary and valuable in nature for strategic reasons which I hope people understand. Such information may even do more harm than good in some cases to those trying to apply the strategies I utilize in my activities.


I wish all those the best of luck in the markets, it can be a rewarding career, but this industry is mainly a graveyard attesting to the magnitude of failures throughout the storied history of capital markets. Just start naming all the Investment banks and hedge funds that have failed over the last 50 years and you start to recognize that there are very few long term winners in this business, i.e, Jesse Lauriston Livermore. - who by the way is considered one of the better minds to ever participate in Financial Markets.



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