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Obamacare claims another victim

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Last week commentator Michelle Malkin wrote a piece chronicling her personal saga with Obamacare. In it she describes that since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, her personal health-care plan has been canceled three times.


She says: “Once was a shock. Twice was an outrage. Thrice is a nightmare that won’t end.” Her first plan was canceled in 2013, then 2015, and now again, just a year later.


Malkin explains that she, as a self-employed small-business owner, is forced to purchase insurance on the individual market. The policies are “nosebleed expensive,” costing her $1,000 per month, while still forcing a ridiculously high deductible threshold on her of $6,000. In other words, she pays $12,000 a year for health insurance – not health care – just insurance, and then has to pay an additional $6,000 out of pocket before her insurance pays a dime. What a deal.


As the nightmare of Obamacare has become reality, many like Malkin will find it virtually impossible to even find an insurance plan, much less an afford one. And remember – it’s not optional. Insurance is now mandatory in the land of the free.


Malkin then reminds us of what a scam Obamacare was from the start – which reminded me of an interview from last May.


Leftist Charlie Rose interviewed three Obama speechwriters on PBS in May of this year. During the 25 minute session, the four of them, Rose and the three writers, blubbered consistently about what a genius Obama is.


Toward the end of the love-fest was a passing comment regarding Obamacare. It only lasted a few seconds and would normally be given scant attention.


Writer Jon Lovett was telling Rose that the speeches he was most proud of were the serious ones. As he was saying this, writer Jon Favreau interrupted, saying: “Lovett wrote the line: ‘If you like your insurance, you can keep it.'”


Since Lovett was just speaking about his pride in crafting serious speeches, you would think the four men would universally agree about the seminal nature of that line. You’d be wrong. Instead the table erupted in arrogant, uproarious laughter. The camera was focused only on Favreau, so we can’t tell if Rose had joined in, but I wouldn’t doubt it.


It is evident to me, suffering through the entire 25 minutes, that these liberal hucksters, posing as speechwriters, took nothing seriously. To them, as with all liberal elitists, this was all fun and games. It appeared to me that they found it strangely gratifying to find creative ways to pull the wool over the public eyes.


Review it for yourself:



This is just more piece of evidence proving what a gigantic scam Obamacare is and always was. Obama’s entire inner circle knew it. I will give them props for being able to keep the secret for so long. No evidence of the scam was leaked prior to its passage. It’s rather remarkable – evil, but remarkable. Democrats seem to excel at keeping their malevolent intentions under wraps until it’s too late to reverse course – but they’ve had over a hundred years of practice.


It wasn’t until after the scheme became law that it was revealed to be one of the worlds most successfully orchestrated defrauding of a people in history. Need I remind you that it wasn’t until long after its passage that we heard the architect of the Affordable Care Act, Jonathan Gruber admit: “I mean, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes … if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in, you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. … Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.”


Throughout our modern history, liberal statists have played on the fear of everyday Americans to achieve their phony utopian ends, and Obamacare is looking more and more like their banner achievement. There is no greater fear of the average citizen than not having adequate health care. The statist left understood this and used that fear to ram through this Trojan horse. Now millions like Malkin are paying the price of their deception.


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