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Blacks smash car with Trump stickers

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A mob of black hoodlums smash and destroy a small car covered in Donald Trump bumper stickers and other Trump campaign materials in a viral video posted on YouTube.


YouTube personality Joey Salads explains that he’s conducting a social experiment, parking the silver car in an undisclosed black neighborhood.


“You may have seen on the Internet and through the polls that a lot of black people don’t like Trump,” Salads says at the beginning of the video. “And they don’t even like his supporters, in some cases. So what I did was, I got a car, put some Trump apparel on it, and we’re gonna park it in a black neighborhood and see what happens.”


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Within 30 minutes, an unidentified man approaches the car, walking slowly and staring at the vehicle. He appears to be speaking to someone on the phone about his discovery.


The man, whose pants are falling off his bum, grasps the driver’s side handle, opens the car door and climbs inside. He walks away, still talking on the phone.


The video indicates 15 minutes pass, and then a mob of five black men surrounds the car. They throw objects at the vehicle, smashing the windows with chunks of concrete and a long metal rod.


One of the vandals attempts to rip a Trump banner before smashing the rear window.


One man can be heard shouting, “Get the f— outta here with that Trump bullsh-t!”




Then all five run away from the vehicle as a woman can be heard shouting in the distance.


“As you can see from this video, the black community is very violent toward Trump and his supporters,” Salads says at the end of his video. “While I was filming this video, there were people out the window, yelling, ‘F Trump.’ After filming, I talked to some of the spectators who were black and said that they did – ‘low key’ – support Trump, but they’re afraid of the backlash from their community.”


The video has generated about 7,500 comments online. Some contain racist remarks, and others question the legitimacy of the video. The following are a few popular comments:


  • Those Hillary supporters are cra-cra!
  • How did they have time to do this? During lunch break while they were working their nice jobs that Obama brought?
  • I hate Trump, but there is no reason to destroy somebody’s car because of some Trump stickers.
  • OK, honestly, why do so many black people hate Trump? It’s Democratic policies that have allowed black communities to become dependent on the government.
  • Donald Trump has done nothing to these people. He’s not responsible for anything in their pathetic lives, whereas Hillary Clinton is directly responsible!
  • Trump’s the only guy who will help impoverished black communities. The one guy had a foreign accent, so he may not even be a citizen. If not, deport the bastard.


In April, Salads did a similar experiment to see whether Trump or Bernie Sanders supporters were more violent.


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