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Ewwww. World's most disgusting burglary, sabotage

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Revolting calling card


No, you do NOT want to know what a 72-year-old guy left in someone’s orange juice.


While some fear the rise of Big Brother facilitated by CCTV (closed-circuit television), there’s at least one woman in Jackson Township, Ohio, who is grateful, if completely disgusted, at having thought to install video cameras in her home.


Only scant months ago, Willis Dean Burdette, aged 72, was caught in the act of introducing a very personal additive (semen) into a pitcher of orange juice cooling in the unnamed victim’s refrigerator.


“Willis Gene Burdette,” according to The Smoking Gun, “has been charged with burglary and contaminating a substance for human consumption, according to court filings that detail his conduct Wednesday afternoon in a home in Massillon, a city outside Canton. Burdette was released from jail last night after posting $50,000 bond. As detailed in felony complaints, Burdette entered the victim’s home at 12:10 PM Wednesday by “using a key located inside of her shed.”


It is not known whether or not the victim, a 61-year-old female who lives six miles from the perpetrator, consumed the vile liquid.


But some things are better left a mystery.



Raccoon foils Paparazzi setup, steals phone


Famous folks aren’t the only ones plagued by picture snappers. Look at the following video to catch a glimpse of how Mother Nature is attempting to address the problem of stalking photographers.



Perhaps the brouhaha was really over creative license and not the mere taking of a picture.


Raccoons can tell their own story. Thank you very much!



You break it, you buy it.


“You break it, you buy it.” That mantra used have me paranoid going into stores, at least as a kid. Nothing like a dose of guilt and anxiety to keep folks from picking up what we are not prepared to buy. (To include dissuading the masses from picking up on the reality that they have free will and that putting their family and country first is not a bad thing.)


But check out the video below.



HuffPo reports, “It took a hapless customer just three seconds to damage more than $6,000 worth of TVs.


A surveillance camera captured the unidentified man appearing to
at the
electronics store in St Austell, southwest England, on Sept. 29.


while crouching down to inspect it. The tumbling screen struck a second set,


Then, just as it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, the stunned man stood up – and accidentally knocked over two more sets that were behind him.


And yet as the story supposedly unfolded, it is still reportedly not clear whether or not the “customer” in question was made to pay for the ruined television sets. The Huffington Post did note that the televisions were currently being sent for repair … an interesting development considering the video of the unidentified bumbler was posted on YouTube by none other than HBH Woolacotts.


Hmmm. Random accident? Or ridiculously orchestrated publicity stunt? You decide. But remember, advertisements come in all shapes and sizes. Buyer beware!



Six insane advertising LIES


“You will not surely die,” Scripture records Satan telling Eve in that Garden of Eden classic starring the snake everyone loves to hate. But while that first false advertisement sticks in the minds of many, it most assuredly is not the last. Check out the outrageously profitable claims advertisers expect us to believe:



Do they think we’re that stupid? That gullible?


Well, yes … to the tune of countless millions. And lawsuits are just the cost of doing business.


So the next time you’re baited to believe something, remember that “lie” is in the middle of “believe” and, while it’s not spelled the same, the same sentiment is the aftertaste of “imply.”


And yogurt that supposedly gets your digestive system to do its job isn’t the only product being advertised as something its promoters already know it is not!



Got acne? Get educated. Some zits can kill.


Squeezing zits is often viewed as a rite of teen passage, a must-do, especially before a big date or just because, like the reason one climbs a mountain. (Adults get them, too. And as Yahoo asks, “Is there anything more depressing than applying anti-wrinkle cream AND anti-acne cream?” No, is the obvious answer.)




But that seemingly innocent activity that can and often does result in pitting one’s forehead, can do far more damage if the zit in question falls within the Deadly Triangle – and I’m not talking about Bermuda!


Popping a pimple in this area could literally kill you,” Yahoo explains, “That’s because the blood vessels in this area drain to the back of your head. If you innocently pop a pimple in the danger triangle and it becomes (knock on wood) infected, that can lead to stuff like loss of vision, meningitis, a brain abscess, or even death.”


Watch the video below to get the skinny on safe skin treatment!


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