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I am a man going on 70 years old, and in all that time I have never witnesses a spectacle like this presidential election.


At first I didn’t like Trump much. Since then, I have watched one man, Donald Trump, standing up to: the Clinton political machine’s expertise in the politics of destruction well practiced for decades, the entrenched U.S. government agency bureaucrats, the entire left-wing vocal populace of the U.S. including Hollywood and many major corporations, the entire mainstream media, the Democratic Party, his own Republican Party, the U.N. and our other enemies abroad and at home, and the list is growing as more realize the threat to their cozy corrupt flow of wealth and power.


Not only is he is not backing off from the unrelenting onslaught, but holding his own and taking the fight to them in an unflinching manner from which they may never be the same. I say he has earned the presidency already in trial by combat and by, without portfolio, defending the Constitution and our country from its enemies! Trump has drawn back the political curtains, and its uglier than we ever imagined.


This tawdry and corrupt tidal wave against him exposes the corruption of his opposition more clearly than ever before and needs to be answered at the polls with a voting tidal wave response biblical in proportion. Crawl if you must to get there, but vote TRUMP.




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