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It's game over after Vegas fight

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(The Nation) — Game over. Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. The last presidential debate—fear and loathing in Las Vegas redux—was a beatdown. Clinton didn’t win on points. She pummeled Trump relentlessly, smacked him with lethal combinations, stuck him with sneak punches and low blows, batted away his lame counters, and left him bleeding and sputtering. If he was on his feet at the end, it was only because he had a lectern to hold onto.


The debate made the choice America faces very clear. This was the valedictorian against the class joker; the stern prosecutor against the petulant lounge lizard. Clinton was on top of her brief; Trump was out of his depth, growing more incoherent as the night proceeded. In one brutal riff after another, she displayed her contempt for a man clearly unfit to be president. Two takeaways:




This morning, headlines feature Trump’s petulant refusal even to commit to accepting the result of the election: “I ‘ll keep you in suspense, OK?” This sent the punditry into a tizzy about “dictatorial instincts,” “authoritarian mentality,” “undermining the democracy itself.” But that gives Trump far more weight than he deserves. Clinton had it right: he’s simply a sore loser:


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