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Scalia, Hillary and the left's true believers

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At least now we know why Justice Scalia was murdered. Democrats do not want a repeat of Bush/Gore in the Florida recounts if they can somehow move a close election to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Hillary Clinton can’t fill a high school gymnasium with her campaign rallies, while Donald Trump routinely draws crowds of 10 thousand or more. The media polling reports have mostly been weighted D+7 to D+9, meaning those conducting the polls either believe themselves – or want us to believe – that somehow 7 to 9 percent more Democrats are going to turn out and vote for Hillary, than Republicans for Trump.


There are three possible reasons that media polls do this:


1) To paint Hillary’s election as an insurmountable victory, no matter what she does and no matter what Trump does, thereby discouraging Republicans from bothering to vote in the first place.


2) To cover up what Democrats have been doing “for the last 50 years,” to quote a recent Project Veritas video, which is stealing elections with votes by the dead (that’s real enthusiasm!), votes by illegal non-citizens and through multiple votes bussed around by the Democrats’ core base. These D+7 and D+9 polls are used to estimate how much fraud the Democrats must commit to “decisively win” the election.


3) To convince you not to believe your lying eyes. Sure, Trump routinely draws 15 supporters to every one Clinton captures at her rallies, but Democrats are much more excited about voting for Hillary than Republicans are for Trump. Don’t you dare believe otherwise, either! We are the experts. Trust us! And don’t question our polls!


Republicans in the Senate are still plotting a Democratic coup, however. Despite the majority we gave them at the last election, these Benedict Arnolds want to help Obama insure Hillary’s victory in the event the election comes down to a hanging chad and does go to the Supreme Court. Led by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona (you can’t make names like this up), these party stalwarts would like to lead the Republican majority in voting for Obama’s lame-duck Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland to replace the now mostly forgotten Justice Scalia.


In the event you don’t think that Scalia was murdered, what did the autopsy report show? That’s your answer, isn’t it? A U.S. Supreme Court justice dies unexpectedly, at a private retreat owned and operated by a prior administration’s “fix it” man, and there is no attempt to determine the cause of death?


As bad as all this is, however, it isn’t the real problem, is it? The real problem is what Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher, called the “true believers” in leftist politics. Having lost their faith in God, they have elevated the faux promises of a corrupt cadre of manipulative Democratic Party operatives and surrogates to fill the god-sized void in their lives. In the end, leftist ideology always relies upon force, and when that fails, burial in a ditch at the side of the road.


The leftist/Democrat ideology feeds upon itself. The policies fail, creating more needy people. The don’t haves or won’t haves provide both incentive for leftist policies and evidence that those policies don’t work and never will. Yet the don’t haves and won’t haves believe the ideologues who promise a new release of nirvana after each corrupt election.


Get a clue, America! The war on poverty has failed. The trillions spent fighting poverty have enriched only the ruling class now encamped in Washington, D.C., the richest ZIP code in the nation. The middle class is dying or mostly dead. The poor have lost hope and descended into barbarism. America is a laughing stock around the world. The thieves who perpetrated this will never leave of their own accord. Follow this election wherever it goes. Give the thieves and the true believers no quarter, for if they seize power this time, they will give you none.


The cover for “Absolution: The Singularity” is complete!

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