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It’s the greatest quest imaginable, an epic odyssey continuing forever. And even a never-ending journey begins with a single step.


Jonathan Cahn, the messianic rabbi, biblical teacher and New York Times bestselling author of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” has unveiled a treasure trove of spiritual riches in “The Book of Mysteries.”


Weeks after release, the book is in the top 50 of all books on Amazon and is the No. 1 bestseller in the category of “Christian Classics & Allegories.” With well over 150 reviews, the book also boasts an average review of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Cahn described the purpose of this instant classic in a recent interview with WND. “‘The Book of Mysteries’ takes you on a journey,” he explained. “Now, I believe every believer has to be on a journey. You can’t stand still; you have to be going on a quest for God. I actually came to the Lord questing for God and I’ve been on that journey ever since. I believe Paul was when he kept seeking to know more of God.


“Every day as you read ‘The Book of Mysteries’ and you’re taken on this journey, you’re getting a mystery a day. It can be read as a devotional, but it’s a devotional unlike other devotionals. It’s not just a nice thing – it’s a mystery of God. But at the end of that, the Teacher gives a mystery to the Disciple and a practical application. And I believe that if you apply this to your life, if the reader applies it and you go on this journey, I can almost promise you it will change your life.”


“The Book of Mysteries” has a unique narrative style, taking the reader on an incredible adventure from ancient temples to mysterious caves. Though it can be read cover to cover, it is structured as a devotional, though far more immersive and dynamic.



“Devotionals usually give you an inspiring word for the day and that’s awesome,” said Cahn. “But in ‘The Book of Mysteries’, each page is the revealing of a mystery of God. It’s not just an inspiring word, though you’ll have that. But each day is literally a revelation to your mind, to your heart, and something to make you act differently. Every single page is a revealing of something, an uncovering of something, a removing of the veil off something.”


The story is based around the education of the Disciple, a stand-in for the reader, who meets a mysterious figure known as the Teacher. The Teacher unveils a new revelation every day, as the Disciple gradually comes to understand more of the nature of God.


Take the first step on a journey which will transform your life. The keys to spiritual knowledge are presented as you embark on an incredible yearlong quest in “The Book of Mysteries,” the latest can’t miss book by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Available now at the WND Superstore.


But of course, he never fully understands.


“At the end of the book, the Teacher and the Disciple part and the Disciple goes on, saying the journey never ends,” said Cahn. “‘The Book of Mysteries’ is a springboard, the journey goes on. At the bottom of every page there are scriptures to go further and there are ways to get deeper and deeper into it. It’s almost like many of those 365 mysteries could be a book in themselves. My biggest challenge was, how do I take this and distill this and get it and condense it down? It’s super concentrated – that’s why some people are reading it right through. But there’s so much there you have to digest it.


“I believe ‘The Book of Mysteries’ is not only going to be a tool to transform your walk and your life but also a tool for the believer to minister to others. For Bible study teachers, for ministers, for pastors, there’s so much to share. You could take one thing and easily do a sermon on it. But you can also share with unsaved friends and relatives because it is geared for them as well. No matter where you are, God is calling.


But why “mysteries?” The messianic rabbi said it is useful to think of the lessons contained within the Bible as “mysteries” because God progressively reveals truths about Himself and His plan to those who search for Him. And the more people search, the more is revealed.


“I use the word ‘mystery’ and the Bible uses the word ‘mystery’ because a mystery is something that is to be revealed,” Cahn explained. “It’s something that is in a sense not known, and then it is known. God is the God of revelation. Before it’s a revelation, it’s a mystery. When you speak of unveiling in the Book of Revelation, it means to take away the veil. There’s so much to God that there’s no end. There’s so many things that we still don’t know that are awesome, the awesomeness of God. There’s no end in learning that.”


Cahn believes tough times are ahead for American Christians. At the same time, he is excited about what he sees as the fulfillment of ancient prophecies and the ultimate reconciliation of the church and the Jewish people. “The Book of Mysteries,” by unveiling the secrets of the ancient rabbis, presents to believers some of the spiritual treasures within what they should regard as their own lost tradition.


book_of_mysteries.jpg“The Gospel began in Israel and in a Jewish context, and it was once all together,” Cahn said. “But for 2,000 years the faith has left its roots in many ways. Israel, the Jewish people, left their Messiah by and large. It’s like two parts of the same mystery and they’ve been separated.


“And so of course the Jewish people didn’t have their Messiah but the church lost so many of the treasures that are there, the treasures of God. I believe now in these last days God is bringing it all back together – the church to its roots, the Jewish people to Messiah, so that these treasures can come out. I kind of say ‘The Book of Mysteries,’is like you’re in the desert and you find this treasure chest and you open it up and you find ancient mysteries and treasures of God, also mysteries that are affecting your life right now and the world right now. That’s why I use the term mystery – because there’s so much more to learn of God.”


However, Cahn is under no illusions about uncovering all the mysteries of God. The best part about the adventure, he claims, is there is always something new to discover.


“There are so many different kinds of mysteries,” he explained. “There’s so much to God. A book is as deep as its author. That’s why the Bible is never ending, because its author is never ending.”


Take the first step on a journey which will transform your life. The keys to spiritual knowledge are presented as you embark on an incredible yearlong quest in “The Book of Mysteries,” the latest can’t miss book by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Available now at the WND Superstore.


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