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New avenue of voter fraud!

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I live out here in flyover country in a very small town with only 1,300 people. I went to my county courthouse yesterday to participate in early voting. When I gave the clerk my name, she looked it up, then asked if my address was E. Line Avenue. I said no, it is E. Line Street. She then explained that it had been changed to Avenue. I was very confused since it has been street since I moved here almost four years ago and asked if the local city office was aware of this since the street sign still said “Line St.” I then called my city office and spoke with one of the secretaries who said, no, it was NOT changed to avenue and asked where the county clerk got this information because ONLY the city could change it.


Turns out, as the clerks at the courthouse were annotating the votes received in a government database, they were getting flagged that the addresses were incorrect and were being segregated into a separate file as invalid, so they called and spoke to someone at our post office. She was told by the PO clerk that all north and south running roads were to be considered street and all east and west running roads were to be considered avenue. They then went in and manually changed all of the streets to avenue and vice versa.


The county clerk called the PO in front of me to clarify – the clerk who gave them that information was not in the office and would be out until next Tuesday but they would straighten this out then. Thankfully, I did hear the county clerk say, “We have to get this straightened out before the election.”


Think about this! Had the clerk I was dealing with NOT asked me if I lived on Line Avenue, I would have simply filled out my ballot and turned it in, thinking everything was fine. Had this NOT come to my attention, my vote would NOT have been counted since my address would have been incorrect.


They will stop at nothing to steal this election, people. Check your registration address with your county clerk!


Judy Green


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