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Truth behind Hillary's devious smiles

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Maybe she thinks it makes her look warm – compassionate – human?


Actually, those toothsome grimaces that pass for a Hillary Clinton smile during the presidential debates are filled with messages that are less than kind.


She comes across as condescending, patronizing, self-satisfied, arrogant, disdainful, supercilious, haughty and shameless.


There are other words but not enough space to write them all.


I noticed it during the first debate. Sure enough, she continued in the second and the third.


It was in the third that she was the most outrageous.


Donald Trump was calling attention to the fact that the Clinton Foundation has accepted massive donations from Middle Eastern countries that discriminate against women and gays and, in fact, kills gays by throwing them off of buildings.


At that, Hillary Clinton nodded her head and smiled condescendingly, implying that Trump was exaggerating and what he was saying had no basis in truth. Her smile indicated she thought just the allegation of such an event was another Trump exaggeration and we needed to just pat Trump on the head as he rambled on.


That Hillary smile said clearly, “There he goes again.”


The only problem is that those countries do persecute gays, and they do kill them, often by throwing them from buildings.


Pictures are posted to the Internet as an example of what Islam thinks of gays. I’ve seen them; perhaps you have, too.


So how are Americans supposed to respond to Hillary Clinton’s reaction to that treatment of gays? That it’s OK as long as donations are made to the Clinton family foundation? Trump said she should return the money, but Clinton ignored that part of his comments.


Remember, this is the same person who said in the same debate that one of the roles of the Supreme Court is to maintain gay rights and gay marriage.


Whose side is Hillary on? Does she know, or does she care?


Do we, as American voters, know? Do we care?


Speaking of issues of life, Donald Trump addressed the issue of abortion, late-term abortion in particular.


He was graphic in his description of late-term abortion – literally the tearing of a fully developed human infant from the mother’s womb and killing it – sometimes by tearing it apart in the mother and taking the pieces out or killing it by a scissor in the brain and then pulling the body out.


And I will add, although Donald Trump did not say it, sometimes despite all efforts to the contrary, the child is born alive. The correct terminology for that, is a “botched abortion.”


When that happens, the child is put aside and left to die.


Hillary didn’t use her smile in this instance, although she staunchly maintained her position that Roe v. Wade must remain the law of the land. She also argued that a woman has right to decide for herself what can and will be done to her body in terms of “health care,” and that includes the unborn child in her womb.


Clearly, it’s the view of Hillary Clinton – the woman who brags that she has spent her career working for the benefit of woman and children – that an unborn human child, even at the point of birth, has no rights and can be killed at will.


She also reaffirmed her support of Planned Parenthood, which rakes in millions of dollars a year selling aborted baby parts to commercial and educational outfits – babies who are killed and dismembered in Planned Parenthood facilities that collect millions of dollars from federal government support.


In other words, our tax dollars are being used to kill babies and sell their body parts.


Hillary Clinton supports this and is determined to appoint people to the Supreme Court who will continue supporting these practices.


She is a woman who chose Tim Kaine as her running mate, a man who claims to be a Roman Catholic. It’s a clear attempt to get the Catholic vote, yet he supports “a woman’s right to choose.”


In other words, he’s in favor of abortion, even though it’s contrary to Catholic beliefs. In fact, in the eyes of the Church, it is a mortal sin.


So much for the Catholic vote, but then there are a lot of cafeteria Catholics who pick and choose their beliefs, so Kaine fits right in.


This was the first debate in which core issues facing the country were addressed – even if, as it seemed to me, that Clinton got more airtime than Trump. They talked immigration, guns, the Supreme Court, the economy, international affairs and, of course, politics. Nothing was resolved, but at least the issues were addressed.


Trump held his own and didn’t fall victim to Clinton’s baiting – except once, and he’s still taking flak for that.


She was going on and on about her tax plan. At one point, she said, “My Social Security payroll contributions will go up as will Donald’s assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”


Snark attack!


Hillary continued, but Trump interjected, “Such a nasty woman!”


I loved it, but the media jumped all over him and still are – accusing him of beating up on women again!


Ever notice how liberals have no sense of humor? Poor Donald, he can’t win for losing.


Then came the question of election results and whether he would accept them. Trump said, he’d wait and see.


Well! The world dumped down on him by Hillary and, after the debate, from left and right media. Overall, Trump was accused of trashing the Constitution and the American way.


And this was after Clinton repeated accusations that the Russians are trying to influence our election.


Sounds like whomever wins, there should be an examination of the voting to be certain the whole thing wasn’t rigged.


P.S., Trump won the debate, with no smirking.


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