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Hello, my name is Randolph Buffington, III. i live west of Houston by about an hour, in Eagle Lake. I do not go out to meet the community much because i feel like i am viewed as an outside threat, in my own home. No one seems to trust anyone around here. That's not me toward anyone out here; it is my experiences with these people here, towards me. I just would like to get connected with like minded people and maybe find a fishing and trapping lease to teach my kids how to live without electricity, without just taking their electricity from them. I would like them to know people like us, that want a real life of freedom and not this version they sell us in public forums. February will be 1yr since i got off my cane, which i used for years previously. I might not be able to run or jog with the rest but i can cover the rear and lend an ear. I am glad to have the opportunity to meet like minded people and i hope to meet plenty of you all.

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