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Bearing Arms

“Appendix Carry is For Skinny People Who Carry Glocks”

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I appendix carry exclusively


Its not just for skinny people but this post underlies the real issue


The issue most don't want to deal with because it requires some self discipline is maintaining a level of fitness which allows you to do more than walk to the firing line at the range. Before you do anything else in your prepping you should at least be able to move your body with decent speed across the earth without having a heart attack.

Theres a term used by Air Evac companies called TFF. Means To Fat to Fly. I use is as To Fat to Fight with the same result. Leave behind on the LZ/PZ


If you have a gut that hangs over your belt you have more to deal with than how you are going to carry your gun. Im 50 yrs old, if I can run you into the ground needing joint replacements the place to start is with a weight set and a 3 mile course , not changing holsters

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