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Northern Wisconsin Militiamen

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Northern Wisconsin Militiamen

Mission Statement-The Cobra Commanders represent a community of patriots, true believers in a good, free and prosperous America. We believe in and strive to maintain a set of traditional values in faith, family and work, and in an absolute right to self preservati on. We believe in self determination, in limited and local government, assisting fellow Americans during hardships and disasters and in honoring and maintaining the republic as it was designed more than 239 years ago. We believe that the freedoms passed down through 239 years of American history and suffrage, often purchased at great cost, must be protected as well as promoted. We believe it vital that American history be returned to the classroom and to the culture. America is in the midst of a global struggle that necessitates engagement, not only militarily or economically but spiritually as well. We exist here with one common goal of a free and prosperous America. We come together as brothers and sisters to support each other in every color, every culture, every community, as one country.

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Seen some bad things about members from the north side.  One loon got a felonly for attacking a civilian and brandishing his firearm

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