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'Wake Up America': Texas Sheriff Rants On Terror After UK Attack

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I don't know why the url doesn't take you straight to the story but anyway... Notice the liberal media bias [no surprise of course] about this patriot... Them saying that at the time of his post 'nothing' was known about the killer except that he was a 'suspected suicide bomber.' Well duh....??? That's a pretty significant piece of information... Also showing this dumbass, who no doubt thought he was giving the answer that would make him popular; and the answer they wanted, of course. ''He probably needs to get his facts straight a little bit more before he makes comments like that.'' It shows you what we're up against in this country and this world in general... This sheriff is a straight up patriot. God bless him.

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In a conversation with mixed company (liberals, conservatives and whatevers) I was asked what, if anything, could save this country. Without hesitation I said "a few willing men to spill the blood of tyrants".

I firmly believe that nothing else will.

I am devout in my faith and confident that nothing less than miraculous and divine intervention brought about the formation and victory of our founding fathers to become one nation, under God. I am also convinced that the same effort, in prayer, practice and dedication, will be necessary.

I pray for peace but prepare for the inevitable war we face.

When asked "who's going to fire the first shot" I usually reply, we already did. November, 2016. We the people, against all odds, elected the most unlikely candidate to attempt to change our destinies.

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