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Swimsuit blues got you down? You're not alone

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Got the bathing-suit blues?



Hard Momming Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley



Has swimsuit weather got you down? You are not alone … but a little levity may be just what you need.


According to Imomsohard, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley “have been performing, teaching, and writing comedy internationally for a combined 40+ years. They have been moms for one quarter of that time and it shows. How do they cope? They laugh about all of the craziness that comes with being a mom and they want you to laugh about it too!”


Check out Hensley and Smedley as they get real about the pressure of skimpy swimsuits, summer “fun,” and the push to look good when everyone else gets to let it all hang out:





Now that’s a fish!


How big was that fish? Ten inches? Twelve inches? Or fifteen feet long?



Shawn Stewart with his opah



Forget the oldest profession, let’s try the oldest pastime. Tall tales of big fish have supplied generations of men and women, young and old, with fireside fodder. No lie! But while many of those fictions feature the slippery one that got away, such is not the case in Southern California.


Oxnard resident and owner of Aloha Spirit Sports Fishing, Shawn Stewart, just bagged double bragging rights by reeling in a rare and humongous 90-pound opah. The brilliant-hued opah (not to be confused with Oprah) is native to more southern waters, but that didn’t stop Stewart – who has picture proof of netting the beast!


“What a catch,” Fox News declared.


Check out the video below for some other big, fish whoppers:



Blowing off a little steam?


While some might vent, one whale took a different tack.


“While out on a boat off the coast of Orange County, California,” Sunny Skyz reports how a man known only as Mark “captured this magical drone footage of a humpback whale shooting a rainbow.



Spectacular, no?



It’s a miracle – or not


Assam, India’s “miracle” goat attracts hordes of the curious. Afflicted with cyclopia, a congenital deformity that can affect both humans and animals, the baby goat was expected to die within days of its birth. As the following video demonstrates, such is not the case this time around:



“I was shocked. It’s like a miracle and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat,” (Mukhuri) Das told

in RT’s report. “It’s my responsibility to take care of the baby goat. I have been feeding him like a normal goat… It might be something from God that the baby goat was born in our house.”


However, you look at it, unusual is the word.





A whiskered windmill


What is that thing?


Take a peek at the following video and don’t be surprised if you can’t quite identify the star attractions:



Thankfully, for four baby squirrels, Bangor, Maine resident, Andrew Day spotted the tangle when visiting his folks. Bangor Animal Control wasn’t coming. There’s nobody home at the office on Sundays. Subsequent calls to the Bangor Police and then the local game warden led to a handoff and a delay that just wasn’t acceptable.


The squirrels, targeted for fun by a curious kitty (perhaps looking at a 4-for-1 lunch deal) were captured by Day instead, who then proceeded to tease apart their tale fuzz.


As Yahoo reports, “It was like a giant dreadlock,” Day told the Bangor Daily News. “Intertwined with it was straw and twigs and there was some plastic.”


But all is well that ends well. All four squirrels were reunited with their mother.





Chew your food. No, seriously!


The bottlenosed dolphin locally known as “Gilligan” to researchers in Western Australia did not get the memo: Chew your food! But who knows … the Maori octopus (the third largest species in the world) that took Gilligan down, killing the beast by way of choking, may have just baited the otherwise intelligent creature to gulp first and think later.


Dolphins regularly eat octopus, but this octopus wasn’t going down without a fight.


“A postmortem examination revealed one octopus tentacle extending down the dolphin’s esophagus, and the other seven stuck in the back of its throat,” New Scientist reveals. “The tentacle suckers were gripping the throat walls and had blocked off the airway, causing the dolphin to suffocate.”


A good lesson for the kids – or not!



Fantastic fights


Imagine yourself dressed like a comic monster, pacing in a boxing ring surrounded by cardboard cutouts that look like a cityscape and an equally odd opponent facing you down fighting for dominion over the universe. Check out the video below to get a better idea:



Weird is the word. That and absurd, ridiculous, and – believe it or not – a sport. Live Monster Wrestling (Kaiju Big Battel) is the reenactment of monster flicks so popular on the Japanese silver screen.


“Fans of Godzilla, Ultraman, and Judge Dredd will be able to more easily wrap their heads around the events,” Mashable assures. “The fantastical performances are the brainchild of Rand Borden, who teaches sculpture classes in New York City when he’s not running Kaiju Big Battel. He came up with the idea in 1994, but it’s grown exponentially since then. The cult following is nowhere near the level of WWE, but Kaiju Big Battel is hugely popular with folks that know about it.”


But who knows? Battel combatants are seeking world domination. They may just get it!


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