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Update on the Antifa Protest in Houston

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I posted a while back that the Antifa were coming to protest the statue of Sam Houston at the Hermann Park Complex. Someone on Gab posted the following.


I love it! I love Texans!


"HOUSTON Texas - Now THIS is an Anti-Fascist Rally

My GOD am I proud of my State & my fellow Texans

Hundreds of heavily armed Men & Women both young & old

Came out in the defense of Liberty

Antifa was so intimidated, they cancelled stating

"we're outnumbered" and fled like the cowards they are" --Gabber



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well it looks like July 8th at Lee Park in C,ville VA is going to be a primer for Antifa versus the Loyal Order of the KKK. August 12 same location is looking to be at least 400 of the alt right according to the papers filed by J.K at the courthouse. This number will rise as they are recruiting hards and heavy. Antifa has put out an all states to counter this.


Reckon the law will be working some serious OT on that one.


This is going to be a three party event. the right, the antifa, the po po.

the right is trying to involve us. aint happening. 7 months ago all of them hated us. they still do they just want numbers. antifa just wants us to go away. Looking at their postings they really do not want a confrontation. And after watching their phoenix redneck revolt gun club video i can see why.


Neither side in the fray is going to win anything. The losers and the ones to bear the cost of the repairs will be Charlottesville residents.It's rather Ironic that this event is taking place in front of Robert E Lee's statue and mere miles from Monticello.


The deciders of Gen.Lee's statue are not the protesters but the courts. The case is already being heard. The protest is an expression of frustration.A better solution would be to buy the Statue and place it on Private Property, but in public view. But then again no one is thinking right now.

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