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Law Enforcement in Relation to American Freedom

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It is nearly four years since I began this journey... this mission of mine to write the truth outside the influence and coercion of corporate America. With the valuable input of someone very close to me, I have come to realize the knowledge I have gained over the last 43+ years is not understood by most of the people around me, including those in law enforcement and the military.


Over the last few days, I have taken some time to reflect and contemplate; something I have found to be absolutely necessary to keep a proper perspective on life and my place in it. It is easy to get lost in the events of the time and drawn into the flow of people who are being pulled and pushed by propaganda, the flow of events being revealed or manufactured by the globalist press, intelligence psyops, and blatant BS of politicians. Like swollen rivers, the opinions of the mob can be a powerful force that can swallow you up and drown your mind with despair and dread.


One of the things I have come to realize is that I have been rather harsh towards the men and women in law enforcement; not harsh in the criticism I have levied against law enforcement in general, I would never apologize for speaking out about the increasing tyranny being enforced by them, but in my understanding of them as individuals. I understand that most who enter law enforcement actually think they're doing so to help people; removing the pests of society that harm others while preserving the rule of law we're taught is the bedrock of society. The problem I see, is the rule of law has been fundamentally changed since 1861... a fact that few understand today, especially in law enforcement.


A major problem of my path in life as I see it, has been an apparent loss of perspective on everyone else's focus and priorities in life. Studying 18th and 19th century documents and letters immerses the reader into a different time with different values; in many cases, a time where men truly sought to have integrity, understood the importance of duty, sought to understand and fulfill the obligations of their oaths, and understood the consequences to all of us of betraying those things. The fear of offending the Creator surpassed the fear of their superiors because most believed in a punishment beyond death.


Today, everything is relative... absolutes are out the window in favor of making everyone feel part of the team. The Constitution is neither understood nor enforced by law enforcement; instead they're taught the law is whatsoever the legislature, and increasingly the Executive, determines the law to be... not what the Constitution defines. While I have spent the better part of the last 43 years learning what the truth is concerning the Constitution and American system, law enforcement is spending years being indoctrinated on what the political hacks, violating their oaths, have transformed the law to be... perverted.


I want to make it as plain as I can to law enforcement officers. My intention is to overthrow the men who are overthrowing the Constitution, if you're not one of those men, I am not your enemy nor wish you harm. However, if you support the men who are overthrowing the Constitution, you are by definition of the oath I've taken, enemies of the Constitution and it is my duty as well as your fellow officers to defend the Constitution from your efforts.


My battle is with those who are enslaving the American People and plundering our land. If you stand with those people and only consider the orders of the people paying you as your duty, then you will definitely be pissed at what I have to say, since the Constitution should be the final word in America. Those of you who are truly Americans and desire the corruption, graft, usurpation, and injustice to be destroyed along with the corrupt bastards promoting and encouraging it, should not have any issues with my words.


Do your homework in the truth and we should be fine... even friends; those too lazy or unwilling to do so face an uncertain future as the People awaken from their slumber.


©2016 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved.


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