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VEPRs Banned! Oh No!

So it looks like updates to the Obama era trade sanctions with Russia, VEPR rifles and shotguns are now banned from import. Recent bankruptcy filings by Molot, the manufacturer of VEPR firearms, and their possible acquisition by Kalashnikov Concern led to the Department of the Treasury updating the sanction to include Molot. This is a sad blow to the gun community indeed.


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I fore saw this happening a few years ago when I purchased a Catamount Fury. I converted it from its ugly sporter long gun version to it's now AK assault version. It isn't a VEPR 12 but it does the same job with equal enthusiasm. It brings the heavy 12 gauge fire power like it's cousins. VEPR and Saiga 12's are great and more famous than their little talked about cousin the Catamount Fury.

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