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Scott Lance Smith

Things to Stockpile Besides Food and Water

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Things to Stockpile Besides Food and Water - When people think of sheltering in place, naturally they think of the two most important things. That is food and water. They are the most important because without food for 3 weeks and without water for 3 days, a person and his family are doomed. But sometimes, though people are focused on stocking those things that they forget about the other things that should be collected. Here are a few of those things:


Medical Supplies & Medication are at the top of the list because if there is ever a medical emergency, rather minor or major, you need to be able to take care of it effectively. If medical issues are not handled properly other more serious issues can arise and eventually death.


Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectants - These items are essential for keeping infection and contamination to a minimum. Stock up on several dozen bottles of liquid and foam hand sanitizers and disinfectants such as Lysol, Bleach, and Ammonia.


Rain Barrels & Food Storage Containers can be used as it to collect rainwater for use in a garden, to flush toilets, to wash dishes, and to wash clothes. When you modify your rain barrels you can collect water and irrigate your survival garden at the same time. Food storage containers have the same type of use.


When you buy these containers, make sure you’re purchasing food grade containers because these haven’t been treated with any kind of harsh chemicals that can contaminate your food supply. Purchase different sizes to fit your needs. Food storage container can come in sizes ranging from 2 gallon to 55 gallon.


5-Gallon Buckets - These are multipurpose use buckets. You can use these for anything. It’s always good to keep a few of these around for sanitary purposes. Have a couple stacked in the immediate area, just in case you have a medical emergency and you need to contain body fluids.


worm farming


Flashlights & Light Sticks - Are essential aside from storing candles. A proper stockpile has several different types of a source available. For instance, for a light source, a good stockpile would have emergency candles, tea lights, tapers, flashlights, and industrial-grade light sticks (also called glow sticks and light wands),


Batteries are an absolute necessity. You’ll need batteries of all sizes to power your different emergency items, such as flashlights, two way radios, fire and CO2 alarms.


Matches both regular and waterproof matches should be included. Matches are cheap, especially regular household matches, costing sometimes less than a $1. You can never stock too many matches.


Plastic Trash Bags are multiuse items. Aside from using for the obvious, trash bags can be used for several different survival related methods.


Bleach - As mentioned above, bleach is a must-have. It’s a powerful disinfectant and kills a majority of pathogens and germs on contact. Just keep in mind its shelf life is short, around 6 months.


Gear for Your Pets - If you’re a pet owner, don’t forget about your furry animals. They’ll need someone to think about their survival needs for them. If caring for your family pet’s needs is on your agenda, then make sure you stock items for them such as: food, medications, flea and tick powders and sprays, grooming kit, and leashes.


Alcohol - Not just for when you want to relax, hard alcohol & wine are excellent sedatives for survival medical use. Tequila, vodka, and house wines are good stores.


Generators (1 is good, 2 or more are better if you can afford them) Backup generators are always on the minds of survivalists. What if the power goes out? How will your home be powered? Having a backup generator will ease your worries. Also plan far in advance, not just settling for one generator, but plan for backing up that one and buy two, three, or even four if you can. If money is an issue, search for second hand generators, or learn small engine repair and buy broken ones to fix.


Water Filters & Purifiers - These are important to have on hand because you’ll always need a clean source of drinking water. If your water supply becomes contaminated and you don’t have a way to purify it, your chances of survival are slim.


Recommended: the Sawyer Mini.


Seasoned Firewood - It takes a few months for firewood to season to perfection so you should start this stock early in advance. The best estimate is starting at least one year prior to stacking it where you need it. Find the firewood you need, cut it into the pieces that is best for you, stack and cover it. As you find more, add it to the stack and cover. Over time, the firewood will dry out (or season) and will be perfect for burning.


Guns and Ammo - Regardless of your view on the issue of guns, you will need a gun for survival. We’re not saying you’ll have to shoot someone, but you’ll definitely have to shoot some THING at one time or another. It’s good to have several different types of guns. For instance, a shotgun, a rifle, a low caliber pistol, and a bb gun. You can’t take down a deer with a bb gun, so plan accordingly. And whichever guns you stock up, make sure you have the matching ammo to go with it. A gun is useless without ammo.


Charcoal, Camp Stove Fuel, and Lighter Fuel - If your electric stove goes out, or your generator is on the fritz, having additional supplies of charcoal, camp fuel and lighter fuel will help you carry on without a hiccup.


Feminine Hygiene Items - These are a must for any female in your family. It is not only necessary its sanitary as well. A survival situation will be far worse for a female if she’s caught in it without feminine products. Feminine products are sanitary napkins and tampons. If you don’t have any females, you still need to stock up. These also can be used to soak up blood from a bleeding wound, thus are lifesaving.


Thermal Underwear - Thermals are a necessity if you live in an area where extremely cold weather is common. Even if not, having a pair on hand is a good idea because thermals when worn underneath your clothing will help prevent hypothermia in colder temperatures.


Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds - You don’t need to be a gardener to stock garden seeds. You need to plan for the time when you may run out of food. Then what? If you already have your garden full of vegetables, then you won’t need to worry about that. The type of seeds makes a different. Non hybrid and non GMO seeds are better producers. Bypass the seeds found at your local department stores and go straight to a survival seeds dealer for a good selection.


Paper, Pens, Pencils & Games - Having these items will help you pass some time and to stay emotionally and mentally healthy in a survival situation.


Extra Clothing - Clothes wear out. It’s better for your mental state to if you allow yourself a change of clothes every so often. How many extra you choose to stock is completely up to you.


Cast Iron Cookware - This is by far the best type of cookware around. These are heavy but effective.


Bug Repellant - Bugs and mosquitos are nuisances, not to mention they can carry harmful diseases that can threaten the livelihood of your family. Stock up plenty of bug and mosquito repellants to keep them away. These can be in the form of sprays, candles and ultraviolet bug lights.


Coffee & Tea - have always been staples in any survival pantry. People in general enjoy some kind of warm beverage and therefore they stock what they like. Coffee and tea are top of that list, followed closely by hot cocoa and apple cider. People also stock coffee to trade in a post societal collapse market.


Paper plates, cups, bowl and plastic utensils

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everyone always thinks of the basic things. food, water, guns and ammo and what not. but for some reason people dont think about the things that they use or wear every day. Clothing and footwear. you need to have something to change into if something happens to your clothes you are wearing or you just need to wash them. you just arnt going to walk around naked or barefoot when you are cleaning your clothes or repairing them. glad someone out their is thinking.

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