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[WATCH] How Far Will an Air Rifle Kill?

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Iraqveteran8888 revisited his original “

” video, adding in some big, heavy .45 caliber projectiles out to 611 yards.


This video was filmed in the fall of 2016 and has been postponed due to some file corruption and the loss of our down range target footage. You can clearly hear the impacts if you listen closely so we finally decided to post it.


The results pretty much speak for themselves, there really isn’t any stopping a lead bowling ball once it gets going. Stay tuned, much more on the way.


Check it out:





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A buddy and I got on the subject about hunting in a survival situation. If you have high powered rifles and shotguns but need to limit the use of ammunition you can use a high powered pellet rifle. The pellets are cheaper than bullets and shells. You can stockpile them. The report of a high powered rifle if you miss the animal will spook it. Same with a shotgun. A pellet rifle doesn't get very loud until it hits the target. Kill squirrels and rabbits all day from a distance quietly for penny's. Another good cheap weapon is a wrist rocket and ball bearings. Stockpiles of those weapons are cheap.

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