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Alabama Terrorist Threat if it can happen here it can happen anywhere.

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What I haven't seen mentioned much is when a liberal lawyer starting complaining about this terrorists rights and he was granted bail and was walking free last time I checked.


This in in Huntsville, Alabama and is proof to me that almost everywhere has been infiltrated and they are just waiting for the go command. I didn't believe this myself at first but it appears no where is completely free of Radical Islam.


We need state Militias now more then ever because the terrorists threat is organized and will catch us basically sleeping because the citizens of the United States have become to comfortable and believe it just can't happen here. Well this is proof ir can because Huntsville is not a large city its why I live here. Thankfully I live on a mountain but still. I know I'm talking to educated Patriots here, but there are not enough of us. We are outnumbered in our own country due to liberal politics and pandering to political correctness. If I posted this in the wrong place I apologize I'm not used to this feel free to move wherever it will make the most impact.


God Bless America

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Guest Robert Pollard


you are correct. Don’t know if you know about the Muslims of America terrorist training camp in Monroe, Al. There are 34 such camps all across the US. Obama allowed them in and gave them training grounds. What are they training for, you ask...  To kidnap, torture, kill Americans. 

How did I find this out?  Doing research on where the Muslims that Obama was secretly importing via plane, I found out they are everywhere. I found a PDF that was sent to law enforcement telling them all about this organization and how to prepare, etc. 


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I would really like to see that data if you still have it.  I knew they were setting up camps in America but I had no idea to what extent it has happened.  I knew Obama was knee deep in the crap and was assisting Islamic extremists.  Obama had Muslim Brotherhood members in the white house.  

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