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I went to the county license, department (tag/tax office) & paid one hundred & forty dollars to resister & obtain my plates. I my option this is one hundred & thirty-five dollars to much. One hundred & forty dollars for a little piece of painted metal & someone to type information into a computer system (about five minutes). During the thirty minutes while I was in this office there were about six other citizens conducting some sort of interaction with about six government county full time employees (my guess is that the employees were full time). My question is why do wee need six government employees to service six citizens? Every time I have had an interaction with a government department there has always been two or three people just setting around (this includes Law Enforcement). My next question is; why do we need TWO license type departments; one for the county & one for the state? Why can not the DMV (state) conduct both systems it is the same information? We have multiple year drivers licenses. Why not multiple year license plates? We could cut the number of government employees by at least twenty-five (25%) percent. Why not have adjustable hours each week six AM - two PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday, then Tuesday & Thursday two PM - eight PM. It is my firm belief “Term Limits” of no more then twelve years in any elected, politically appointed office or combination there of; weather it is at the city, county, state or federal level. This would “shake up” the system every so often & save us all a great amount of taxes.

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