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Live PD has a huge following.

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Might be worth following them seeing how they are country wide.


Edit: Over 8 million follower of Anonymous.


Anonymous finds it a sad state of affairs when in the year 2017 we still have nazi party flags flying high and terrorists still killing for the nazi cause.”


The group also accusing President Trump of being sympathetic to the white supremacist cause.


Anonymous calling their counter-attack Operation Domestic Terrorism.


The group vowing to expose members of the KKK and shut down various servers hosting sites exposing such views in retaliation for using the weekend violence as a rallying point.


Now the group posting screenshots of various neo-nazi sympathetic sites they claim were taken down through their hacking efforts, approximately a dozen in total.


Meanwhile Google and GoDaddy declining to host Richard Spencer’s website the Daily Stormer, reportedly sending the website to recesses of the dark web.


Anonymous says they had no involvement in the site’s takedown.


The activist hacking group concludes saying they won’t stop until the “ideology of hate is dead and buried forever.”

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Anonymous is not Antifa. Powers that be took the mask to use for thier evil cause. Check out thier face book page and you will see. Be warned its an open group; careful of what you post.

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