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Arrests made in

Durham, NC for pulling down a confederate statue


This is one of the people responsible. Knowing this won't change what has or will happen but it does help to explain why it's going on.


The link at the bottom will give you the whole article.


Takiyah Thompson, 22, was taken into custody shortly after protesters held a news conference Tuesday afternoon at North Carolina Central University.


The World Worker's Party Durham chapter has set up a legal defense fund to help fight her case in court.


Thompson, a member of the Communist-platform Workers World Party


Go here to read the entire article. By now the story is either well buried or changed to make these communist sympathizers look like heroes. I had put this woman's name in a web search box and there were lots of articles about how everyone was congratulating her.



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Just an afterthought. I don't think these people realize if they can weaken this country enough for a hostile takeover they won't ever be pulling down any more statues.

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