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Hope this brightens your day:


Tom to his mom: "Mom, please tell me a story?" Mom: "Sorry, honey, I don't have any new stories to tell. But you should ask your dad why he was late coming home today. He will then tell you some amazing stories."


Joe and Sue were listening to the Minneapolis weather report at breakfast. The announcer said, "There will be three to five inches of snow today, and a snow emergency has been declared. You must park your cars on the odd-numbered side of the street." Joe got up from the breakfast table and went out to move their car. Two days later they heard another radio report, "There will be two to four inches of snow today. You must park on the even-numbered side of the street." Joe grumbled and went out to move their car. Three days later the weatherman announced, "There will be two to twelve inches of snow today and you must park..." Just then the power went out and they didn't get the rest of the instructions. "Great," said Joe. "What are we supposed to do now?" "Aw, Joe" Sue replied, "just leave the car in the garage."


Taking liberty with the truth is like taking a bite out of an apple, it is no longer whole and is no longer suitable to be passed on to another.


Dad was angry when he saw that his son scored a zero in math. "Son, can you explain this to me?" "Well dad, the teacher didn't have any stars left to give me, so she gave me a moon!"


A man is madly in love with a princess and wants to propose, but an evil witch has cast a spell on him and now he can say only one word a year. So he waits 14 agonizing years—accumulating all his words—before approaching his beloved. Finally, the big day arrives. When he sees her, his heart skips a beat. He gathers his nerve, drops to his knees, and intones, “My darling, I have waited many years to say this... Will you marry me?” The princess turns around, smiles, and says, “Pardon?”


"Leadership may get you to the top, however, everyone starts their way from the bottom. So remember the people at the bottom, give them credit when due."



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