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The Truth of History Deocculted

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When you consider that the word “occult” means hidden, one of the most powerful organizations occulting the truth is the Roman Catholic Church. The vaults of the Vatican as well as organizations under their control, such as the Smithsonian Institution, contains more history hidden from mankind than revealed. Anything that is not consistent with the approved version of the history of mankind is either destroyed or occulted… In the past, those that dared to even consider a different version were labeled heretics and either burned or forced to recant their “heresy” and shut their mouths; keeping the world in darkness and entombed in lies for centuries.


Today, with the advent of the Internet, the truth is being discovered and revealed like never before in history. The gatekeepers of knowledge have lost control of the flow of information recently discovered and pressure is being brought to bear by those desiring to know what is hidden, gradually unraveling the deception that has kept mankind back from the freedom and happiness intended by the Creator. In South Africa, ruins have been discovered that shatter the timetable of the Bible; answering many questions brought about by archaeological discoveries over the years that defy the official history taught by establishment institutions.


While this is a wonderful time of discovery, it is also a very dangerous one. The institutions that formerly sought to hide the past and paint a false picture of the origins of mankind, have been losing control over the people they have been using as slaves for millennia; unfortunately for them, the knowledge of the truth sets people free as they apply that knowledge to their lives. The psychopaths that have occulted the past are becoming desperate as their participation in the slavery of mankind is becoming more and more, as Mark Passio has stated, deocculted. The veil is being lifted from the past as more and more information that is being discovered by such people as Michael Tellinger, becomes known about our past from the signs our ancestors have left behind.


The truth that has been discovered thus far has taken me on a fascinating journey of our past. The truth revealed is slowly stripping power from the institutions formed by psychopaths who have occulted it for thousands of years, while the People who embrace the truth grow stronger in spirit; that alone is a reward beyond comprehension. The past, though still relatively unclear, reveals a far different picture than churches, schools, and institutions of higher learning have been teaching; casting doubt on nearly everything I have been taught is the truth and forcing me to change my perspective of reality as more and more of the truth is discovered; the truth trumps every lie, no matter how well-intentioned. Embracing the truth, while at times uncomfortable due to the way other People fear and reject it, is at the same time truly liberating to the soul within.


The truth of our past, combined with the truth of our present, enable us to make decisions that free us from the chains of deception that have bound mankind for thousands of years… if we’ll only embrace it. The truth forces us to confront the world of darkness and deal with our part in it, enabling us to repent of the past and make a fresh start that will give us a much brighter future for all generations that continue in it. To live under Natural Law, you must embrace the truth and live with the consequences of your actions; you cannot lie to the Creator and the effects of your actions, good or evil, will ALWAYS manifest themselves in time.


The Laws of Nature change not as long as the universe we live in exists. No legislature of man can alter it and no one can escape the effects of violating it; the longer mankind rebels against it, the aggregate effects to this world will continue to degrade. To begin the journey back to freedom, each of us must make a conscience choice to do what is right and live in the truth, make moral choices. When we do, the aggregate effects will move creation into healing and a restoration of what the Creator intended all along for mankind… freedom and happiness.


There is much to be done before enough People will make the changes necessary to change the course we’re on, but the effort is worth the journey we must all take and the changes we must embrace. In time, the forces of morality under Natural Law will vastly outnumber the forces of evil, if we persevere and change our reality for the better by making right actions instead of wrong. The future is up to what we decide… the Creator gave us the gift of free-will; only when we choose the path of right, will we discover where that path leads and the reality it will create. We already know where the wrong path leads; in my opinion, we all need to make the choices that change course before the evil we’ve brought on ourselves destroy us and this beautiful world the Creator gave us.


The changes begin with you, every choice you make in this life reverberates; changing reality for the better or the worse as its effects make their way through time. Freedom or tyranny begins with every individual and every choice made by that individual; it is the aggregate of effects of those choices, which creates our present reality. If you say you want freedom and happiness, yet create slavery and misery with the choices you make, your choices will manifest the effects, not your words. The Creator is not deceived and your intentions are revealed by your actions…


We are enduring slavery today because we harmed our fellow man and the creation we’re a part of. Our selfishness and greed has been used to manipulate us and empowered others to plunder the People and cause incalculable harm around the world. While we’ve been entertained by our televisions, various games, and smart phones, our military has been used as a sledgehammer against the nations and people of the world who have not yet bowed the knee to the psychopaths that we’ve allowed to control us. The world has been divided over thousands of years by religion, politics, and economics and the effects under Natural Law has been nothing short of catastrophic in loss of life, destruction, and misery.


We must take responsibility for what we’ve permitted to be done in our name and begin the process of removing our consent by choosing to live under the morality of Natural Law and not the laws of man. We need to stop delegating responsibility to others and recognize that everything done in our name and with our consent is our responsibility; we are all to blame for the effects because we have all done harm by violating the Laws of Nature by delegating that which cannot be delegated; you cannot give the power to someone to do what you don’t have a right to do yourself.


©2017 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved. Permission to distribute for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted, in whole or part, provided attribution and a link to this article is included. Commercial distribution without the written permission of the author is prohibited.


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