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Michael Hutton

Apr 15 Rally to Restore Liberty and Justice for All at Mt. Rushmore

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We are looking for Militia leaders in South Dakota to coordinate with us to provide security at this rally. The org sponsoring the rally is Americans United Against Tyranny. I am the founder and primary coordinator for the rally. I can be reached by phone at 703 638 4724. We began planning this event in September and are ready to begin fleshing out different aspects of the plan. Anyone that would like to help can respond here or call me. Sometime next week we will coordinate a conf call for all those that will help. Thank you for your service. I've posted below the message we are using in our outreach. It explains the purpose of the rally.



We can't tolerate the evil that is overwhelming our nation on many fronts. And the Mainstream Media has effectively silenced the Patriots in this country. But Patriots are the only ones sufficiently informed and engaged to be the voice of America. We see that the process of Justice is hindered by people on both sides. And the most pressing issue is the corruption of power we are witnessing in our Federal Government by forces of the Left. Hillary Clinton must be thoroughly investigated because she and those close to her are involved in a seditious conspiracy to destroy the President. This conspiracy makes Watergate look like child's play. She, together with heads of the FBI, Comey, Mueller, and now McWray, and with heads of the NSA, CIA, members of the Obama administration and likely Obama himself, and with numerous Leftist subordinates, have colluded with spies and foreign governments, to attempt to first steal the election and then, that having failed, to destroy and unseat a sitting President. This investigation will remove many heads in our Federal Government and likely cause a Constitutional crisis because the checks and balances system failed because of conspiracy between the agencies. And who is there in America that will insist that process continue all the way to its conclusion and ensure Justice? The only people that can do that is the American People. And we must come together and demand it with one voice. That is the purpose of this rally.


We are just beginning the planning stages and need many volunteers to help coordinate and make preparations for the event. Please message me here or privately if you want to help. It's time to take back our country. It's time to make those in DC accountable and to understand they represent US and will do our will. And it is time to announce to all of America who we are and what we want. We are not racists, we are not bigots, we are not radicals... we are American Patriots fulfilling our duty to God and country.

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thank you Im Texan and Fixer. We are assembling a team of good people that will be crucial to security at the event. Buzz is growing rapidly since we started promoting a few days ago. I've gotten more replies on FB to this event than anything we've ever done by many fold. This may turn into a big thing and get nationwide attention. And we expect in that case that the forces of evil will line up to attack us. We may be holding a meet and greet next month in OK to begin coordinating the security team as we have a lot of contacts in OK. I'll keep everyone here posted on the progress through this thread. really appreciate your support brothers. And btw Im Texan.. I am too.. I'm in San Antonio.

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