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Susan Rice, Former Obama National Security Advisor Joins Netflix Board Of Directors

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Former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice has been appointed to Netflix's board of directors - a move which comes as her former boss, President Obama, is reportedly in "advanced negotiations" with the network to create a series of streaming shows. 


As a reminder, Rice both knowingly lied about the cause Benghazi on national television and "unmasked" senior Trump officials as part of a larger government surveillance program during the 2016 election.

Netflix made the announcement on Wednesday, with co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings praising Rice's intelligence work for the Obama administration. 

“We are delighted to welcome Ambassador Rice to the Netflix board,” said Hastings. “For decades, she has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity and insight and we look forward to benefiting from her experience and wisdom.”

Rice responded; "I am thrilled to be joining the board of directors of Netflix, a cutting-edge company whose leadership, high-quality productions, and unique culture I deeply admire.”

Many are wondering just what Rice and Obama are up to...

Rice's former boss may be joining her at Netflix, as the New York Times first reported earlier this month the 56-year-old was in talks for a deal that would pay him and his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama, for Netflix-only “exclusive content” that would be available to subscribers of the digital streaming service.

Netflix has about 118 million subscribers globally. It was not immediately clear how many shows or episodes would be ordered or how much the Obamas would be paid.

The streaming service recently tried a talk show featuring anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler called "Chelsea" that lasted two seasons before getting canceled. -Fox News

The announcement resulted in a backlash among conservatives. 

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton said on Twitter Wednesday ".@Netflix doubles down in support of Obama corruption -- compromised Susan Rice, who lied repeatedly on both Benghazi and the unmasking issue joins its Board of Directors."

.@Netflix doubles down in support of Obama corruption -- compromised Susan Rice, who lied repeatedly on both Benghazi and the unmasking issue joins its Board of Directors. https://t.co/o727LHKGmT

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) March 28, 2018 

Susan Rice appointed to Netflix Board of Directors. Rice is also co-chair w/Ben Rhodes & many people who worked for the Obama Admin, of National Security Action which is dedicated to target President Trump while claiming to advance Global leadership. https://t.co/sv3lW8BoQo pic.twitter.com/ou0UsvOp6W

— ᏢᏒᎥsᏟᎥᏞᏞᎪ’s ᏉᎥᎬᎳ (@passionchica) March 28, 2018

A spy joins the Netflix board. Susan Rice is tyranny--rewarded. pic.twitter.com/kjnk0OQVl1

— thebradfordfile (@thebradfordfile) March 28, 2018

Comey leaked and got a book deal and CNN town hall

Clapper and Brennan leaked and got MSM contracts

Rice unmaked Flynn and got on the board of Netflix

Really makes you think

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) March 28, 2018

Meanwhile, Obama's former head of the Small Business Association, Maria Contreras-Sweet, closed on a deal in early March with a group of investors to acquire the Weinstein Company assets.

It's as if the previous administration and their tentacles are very interested in the media - aside from Hillary Clinton, who's just trying to get by without slip-sliding down an unassuming flight of stairs


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