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"Keep Calm & Carry On" -- Twitter Is Down!

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Is global productivity about to see a resurgence?

live shot of reaction to twitter outage pic.twitter.com/2EhXIqM26K

— Lee Saks (@Lee_Saks) April 17, 2018

Twitter.com is down for many in the world...


And most intense in New York, London, and Tokyo...


Source: DownDetector.com

There are (unconfirmed) rumors of teenage Americans actually talking to one another.


Source: DownDetector.com

How long before Russia is blamed?

Those pesky Russians are at it once again,way too many twitter outages for my liking pic.twitter.com/55mm1nGjuj

— PRO£iT$ PROPH€T (@easydoughMo) April 17, 2018

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