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Stormy Daniels Releases Sketch Of Man She Claims Threatened Her, Humor Ensues

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Stormy Daniels, the porn star who has accused President Trump of having an affair over a decade ago, went on ABC's The View where she revealed a sketch of a man she says threatened her and her infant daughter in a Las Vegas parking garage seven years ago.

NEW: Stormy Daniels and her attorney @MichaelAvenatti reveal a sketch of the man she says threatened her to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. pic.twitter.com/21sZP5rELw

— The View (@TheView) April 17, 2018

Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, appeared with her on The View, where they announced a $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide credible information in connection to the man, who is described in the April 8 drawing as a "lean but fit" white male in his "30's to early 40's," who is 5'9" to 6' tall.


... Aaaaand the internet went to town - suggesting the mystery thug could have been everyone from Tom Brady, to Kato Kaelin to Perez Hilton...  One user even suggested the man looks like Stormy's ex-husband:

Doesn’t the sketch of the man that allegedly threatened Stormy Daniels look a lot like her ex-husband Glendon Crain? 🤔 #TuesdayThoughts
The View pic.twitter.com/SpMc7WwBjA

— Nate D (@HuevosDeChivo) April 17, 2018

“Ms. Daniels, I think we have a suspect.” pic.twitter.com/UG5EPUiVw6

— Jim Geraghty (@jimgeraghty) April 17, 2018

Tom Brady: pic.twitter.com/EttME7gKXZ

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) April 17, 2018

😮😂 pic.twitter.com/DUJ3FSR1MI

— Christopher Bouzy (@cbouzy) April 17, 2018

You've got the wrong man pic.twitter.com/JtxBU8U4r3

— Small Gov Lizard (@smallgovlizard) April 17, 2018

Chris Hemsworth? https://t.co/9Lx2rUHPvV

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) April 17, 2018

The Stormy Daniels guy looks like he was sent from the future to rescue Sarah Connor and then got really sidetracked pic.twitter.com/6A5w1iYozw

— Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) April 17, 2018


— Jeff Levy (Deflated and Concerned) (@jefflevy) April 17, 2018


— David W. Alias (@WiselinePRT) April 17, 2018

Why did @ThePerezHilton threaten Stormy Daniels?!? pic.twitter.com/AMcbDdCsm8

— ALX 🇺🇸 ✘ (@TheALX) April 17, 2018

Mouth is spot on! Where’s my money @MichaelAvenatti @StormyDaniels pic.twitter.com/XjDat94LpR

— ALX 🇺🇸 ✘ (@TheALX) April 17, 2018

Could it be the forgotten daughter? pic.twitter.com/RWxwoldnBA

— Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) April 17, 2018

"Wanted Dead of Alive" pic.twitter.com/JRCSheDcnV

— Justin Waite (@SharePickers) April 17, 2018

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, told CBS's 60 Minutes last month of the alleged ordeal:

"I was in a parking lot, going to a fitness class with my infant daughter. Taking, you know, the seats facing backwards in the backseat, diaper bag, you know, getting all the stuff out. And a guy walked up on me and said to me, 'Leave Trump alone. Forget the story,'" she said. "And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, 'That's a beautiful little girl. It'd be a shame if something happened to her mom.' And then he was gone."

Days before the 2016 presidential election, Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 of what he says was his own money, in connection with a non-disclosure agreement he brokered. Cohen's office and hotel room were raided by the FBI last week at the behest of special counsel Robert Mueller, where investigators looked for materials concerning Daniels. Both Cohen and the White House have denied that Trump and Clifford had an affair.

Incidentally, so far Tom Brady - nor any of the several million other good-looking, high-cheekboned 30/40-something males who fit the description - have been arrested.


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