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Rosenstein Told Trump He Is Not The Target Of Mueller's Probe

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According to a Bloomberg headline which instantly sent the Dow Jones 100 points higher from intraday lows, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly told President Donald Trump last week that he isn’t the target of any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.


As Bloomberg adds, Rosenstein, who brought up the Mueller probe himself, "offered the assurance during a meeting with Trump at the White House last Thursday," a development that helped tamp down the president’s president’s desire to remove Rosenstein or Mueller, and probably explains why Trump hasn't gone postal yet following the raid last week of his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

After the Rosenstein meeting, Trump told some of his closest advisers that it’s not the right time to remove either man since he’s not a target of the probe. One person said Trump doesn’t want to take any action that would drag out the investigation.

The news also helped send risk assets sharply higher as it would suggest the risk of impeachment - if the Bloomberg report is accurate - is far lower.


If true, that begs the question: so who is the target of Mueller's probe?

And parallel with that, many have also asked just what is the point of Mueller's ongoing probe, which continues to cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a year and a half after Hillary Clinton's humiliating loss in the presidential election.



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