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Real... Or Not Real?

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In today's world of virtue-signaling, snowflake-cradling, politically-correct social justice warriors (from Berkeley to the Boardroom) with all their hashtags, boycotts, trolls, and bots; one wonders... could this be real?



h/t @phl43

“We here at Starbucks are very sorry to hear about people being tricked into believing a hoax perpetuated by Russian internet trolls that offered coupons entitling people of color to free coffee.

Starbucks is a company that employs and serves people from all backgrounds and we feel that the best way to bridge a gap is to start a dialog. The best way to start a dialog is with a cup of coffee.

Although this started as a hoax, after mountains of positive feedback on social media, we’ve decided to make it a reality.

Starting tomorrow, April 19th 2018 and continuing through April 26th 2018, we will be providing ALL of our customers (1) free beverage of their choice in addition to 50% off all food items.

We cannot let the racial division stoked by Russian internet trolls divide our country any longer.”

In case you really care whether it's real or not... it's not.

As Heavy.com reports,this is the latest in a string of fake Starbucks coupons that were created after two black men were arrested in a Starbucks in Philadelphia when they tried to use the restroom. Starbucks has officially apologized and is going to shut down all its corporate stores on May 29 for special training related to the incident.


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